Eating your own cooking?

Hat Tip: Third Eye

Probably true for India as well


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Thankfully, it is only half of the 15,000 which means the other half fund managers do invest and people need to know this information prior to their investing into the mutual fund and fund regulators must ensure that this information is available to investing people or investors readily before they invest so that investors do take informed decision accordingly. This will bring transparency of funds and fund managers disclosure norms thereby preventing investors from investing in fraudulent or doubtful funds. However, its just this sharing of information of fund managers investment is required and this does not mean that investors can’t choose a fund merely because fund manager has not invested in it but having the information about it to the investor prior hand is important though for his decision making and analysis and introspection.

But why should the guy invest in his MF when he can directly pick the same stocks he is planning to pick for his portfolio? Why pay unnecessary commission to the company?

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