Portfolio of Credit Suisse in India

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

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Credit Suisse is a well known FII investing in the Indian Markets.

Its significant holdings in India as on 30 June,2016 as per Stock Exchanges is given below:

Company Name Symbol Entity Name Date End # of Shares % Value (In Crores)
Aegis Logistics Limited AEGISCHEM Credit Suisse (Singapore) Limited 201606 6790799 2.03 84.95
Apollo Tyres Limited APOLLOTYRE CREDIT SUISSE (SINGAPORE) LIMITED 201606 8396877 1.65 153.28
Axis Bank Limited AXISBANK CREDIT SUISSE (SINGAPORE) LIMITED 201606 49535139 2.15 2843.81
Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited IBULHSGFIN CREDIT SUISSE (SINGAPORE) LIMITED 201606 7725788 1.85 623.36
JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Limited JBCHEPHARM CREDIT SUISSE (SINGAPORE) LIMITED 201606 1028068 1.21 29.62
Sonata Software Limited SONATSOFTW CREDIT SUISSE (SINGAPORE) LIMITED 201606 1184169 1.13 18.09

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