No Contest

I am very glad we only do India and that we are doing India now.

I don’t know how a global investor gets out of bed in the morning. You would be looking forward to what, exactly? Perhaps a “comforting” comment by some central banker?

We get out of bed and have the strongest GDP (gross domestic product) growth in the world, an Econ 101 slowdown ending and—we assume—an economy starting to accelerate, and some of the best-managed companies in the world with very little debt.

To the extent that any investor knows and/ or understands these things, then they will allocate to India. And vice versa.

I assume that increasingly they will become comparatively aware of this new India and, therefore, absolutely convinced they should buy it. How can they come to the opposite conclusion?

If (Federal Reserve chief Janet) Yellen, (European Central Bank president) Draghi and (Bank of Japan governor Haruhiko) Kuroda were to promise liquidity forever, then maybe that is as exciting.

Otherwise, I look forward to tomorrow morning and assuming, God willing, that I can get out of bed, then I know that growth and profits will be on the breakfast table, rather than the rash promise of a failed liquidity continuity.

No contest.

-said Jon Thorn of India Capital Fund Management

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