Modi Report Card

Source:Wall Street Journal


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out of 12 indicators, in which part new PM played his role.
31st March 2014 – $ 107.76 whereas 31st March 2016 – $ 39.59

The above one indicator itself gave answer for almost all the above 12 indicators.

Blind praising with out applying common sense and/or biased/paid news cannot sustain very long time. it is not good for the country and even for the present PM.

India is in growth path since 1991. present world set up gives us immense opportunity to grow even bigger. that will going to happen eventually.

I agree with A M Narayanan comments. The fact exports have fallen so low is proof that the PM’s main focus “Make in India” is a disappointment. I don’t back his opposition but lets be objective that the report card is nothing to boast for considering the PM has spent so much time abroad promoting exports.And Brent price has been a boon which this govt has not exploited with sound policy.
I only hope they dont make the mistake of replacing Raghuram Rajan the only bright spot in the Indian economy today. Unfortunately we still continue with a mediocre FM.

Please understand that the fall in crude price was never passed on to the common man. Look at this data with that in mind. Hence there is no real impact of crude price in this data.

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