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How Chinese brokers are copying CNBC India

China’s biggest brokerage houses are using online videos and live streams of attractive, female analysts to tout stocks—and China’s regulators don’t like it.

 Some stock analysts have turned into cyber stars in China in recent days, after presenting their research online. One prominent example is Liao Lei, a stock analyst with Founder Securities, who is arguably better known for her costumes than her research.



In one clip posted Apr. 7 on video-sharing app Meipai, Liao, dressed in traditional Han Chinese robe known as Hanfu, “strongly recommends” investors buy shares in Chinese telecom firm ZTE. “Currently, the size of the company’s revenue and cash flow have reached the best level in history, and the gross margin is relatively stable,” she says to the camera, with her hand propping up her cheek.-from Quartz

CNBC India,take a bow !


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