Portfolio of Malabar India Fund

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

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Malabar India Fund is a well known FII investor in the Indian markets known for its picks in the mid-cap/small cap space

Its investments in India aggregating around Rupees 300 Crores as on 30 Sept,2015 as per Stock Exchanges is given below:


Company Name NSE Symbol/BSE Code Entity # of Shares % Date End Value (In Crores)
Ador Fontech Ltd 530431 MALABAR INDIA FUND LTD 842999 4.82 201509 8.35
Adi Finechem Ltd ADI MALABAR INDIA FUND LTD 538043 3.9 201509 12.81
Avanti Feeds Ltd AVANTIFEED MALABAR INDIA FUND LIMITED 250348 2.76 201509 9.59
Cera Sanitaryware Ltd CERA MALABAR INDIA FUND LIMITED 192401 1.48 201509 34.63
Gandhi Special Tubes Ltd GANDHITUBE MALABAR INDIA FUND LIMITED 311280 2.12 201509 7.63
Indian Terrain Fashions Ltd INDTERRAIN MALABAR INDIA FUND LTD 301855 4.2 201509 3.68
Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd KKCL Malabar India Fund Limited 193211 1.57 201509 39.99
La Opala RG Ltd LAOPALA Malabar India Fund Ltd. 1223277 2.2 201509 67.65
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd MAYURUNIQ MALABAR INDIA FUND LTD 1721863 3.72 201509 73.01
Orient Refractorties Ltd ORIENTREF Malabar India Fund Limited 2136513 1.78 201509 16.88
Suprajit Engineering Ltd SUPRAJIT MALABAR INDIA FUND LIMITED 1850817 1.54 201509 23.88
Vaibhav Global Ltd VAIBHAVGBL MALABAR INDIA FUND LIMITED 473406 1.46 201509 20.83

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I would like to get information on how to invest in Malabar Fund.
Is there any limit on minimum corpus that one has to invest?
Is there any lock-in period for such investment?
What are the documentation requirement for becoming a Malabar investor/ member?

are Malabar fund & Malabar investments different?

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