Mission Accomplished !

Successfully scaled my first Himalayan Peak of Chandrashila.

Feeling quite proud of myself and my group.


36 replies on “Mission Accomplished !”

Its always sense of accomplishment on successful summit, Being a trekker myself I can imagine the feeling of top of the world..

Congrats and hope you summit many more !!

Congrats!Also really missed your posts and blogs to the extent we felt so dumb.Also do share more about your experiences on the trek and how you prepared yourself

Congratulations! Next time please carry a satellite communication device so that we are not deprived of our daily dose of ‘linkfest’ 🙂

Congrats Sir ji,
Pls post more details of your successfull trip, as i also plan to go there.

Thanks for your daily posts.

Great achievement…..congratulations…
Many more peaks to conquer I assume..
Thanks for sharing.

Wow…Great accomplishment. Pics and achievements like these make adrenaline rush in viewers like me also.
Wish you many more successes and scaling new heights in life.


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