Pre-IPO Opportunity in the shares of ICICI Pru Life

The leader in the Private Life Insurance space is ICICI Pru Life.Some salient features of the company:

  • Largest private insurer in India
  • 23% market share in private insurance space and 11.3% overall
  • PAT of 16.34 Billion Rupees-higher than that of LIC
  • Earnings Per share-11.43 Rs/Share
  • Book Value of 36.79 Rs/share
  • Dividend of 5.85 Rs/Share
  • 99.78% shares are held by promoters and 0.22% shares are held by employees
  • Last Employee Stock Option Scheme (“ESOS”) was on April 25,2008  with an exercise price of Rs.400 per share

A limited quantity of its shares are on offer for sale.

For those interested,please email me at Alpha Ideas.

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