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The Fearless Modi

Lalit Modi is in the news lately for his challenges to the establishment.

Check out his latest tweet:


As a history buff,I am reminded of another fearless Modi-Lalit Modi’s grand father Rai Bahadur Gujarmal Modi :

“Gujarmul-ji was a fearless man.Once, a delegation from the sugar industry wanted to meet Morarji Desai when he was Prime Minister.Gujarmal-ji lead the delegation.

When the delegation went to meet Morarji-bhai,he,as was his habit,started preaching.Before he could finish, Gujarmul-ji started interrupting him.This went on for some time.Morarji-bhai continued in his inimitable style.

Gujarmul-ji then said, ‘Mr.Prime Minister,we have not come to meet Morarji-bhai.We have come to meet the person who is occupying the Prime Minister’s chair.We bow to the chair.So long as you are sitting in this chair we bow to you.Once you leave this chair we will never come to meet you’

Morarji-bhai found his match in Gujarmul-ji and fell quiet”

-from KK Birla’s autobiography “Brushes with History


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