Forecasting – McKinsey Edition

Source:C Dixon

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So much for such top global consultancy company. What do they advise and for what. It has been reported that same McKinsey also advised Tata Steels in early 2000s to sell off its coal, iron ore and limestone and chromium mines because they are into the business of making steel and not in the business of mining. If that had been done, Tata Steel would have gone bust long back, particularly after taking over Corus, U.K. (as this is what exactly Corus has been doing – Corus does not have any mines of iron ore, coal , etc. and buys everything from the market). And today for the last 8 years, Tata Steel, India operations are funding the costly buy of Corus which has been bleeding since its purchase from day one.

well well well marvin bower would be laughing at the flawed argument given the skewed context..

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