ADAG Stocks,anyone?

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Pipavav Defence. Anil is quoted to have said that Modi had told him ” Anil hamare asoon bhi videshi hein” pointing to the tear gas bombs imported by India.

That’s a good one.However if Anilbhai makes this stuff we will only get gas,no tears !:)

We all hope that this time Anil Ambani takes his business seriously and creates value rather than media hype (which is his core forte). His all companies and business have lost billions of investors’ money in the last 8 years. Whereas the fact is that when the brothers parted, all ‘old economy’ business rather textile, petchem, refining, etc. came to Mukesh Ambani and all ‘new generation’ business , like telecom, financial services and entertainment businesses came to Anil Ambani. Despite having great potential businesses, Anil has lost all the value and investors’ wealth and confidence in the last 8 years. Even in Pipavav Defence deal, why the share price should go upto 80 where the deal is at less than 60, in the first place.
Indian business men will have to learn to pay attention to do business rather than creating media news and making small bucks in the stock market based upon privy news unto them.

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