Book Review:Gurus of Chaos

This post is in continuation of my book review series (see here)

“Gurus of Chaos” is written by Saurabh Mukherjea,who is currently the CEO of the Institutional Equities Business at Ambit.

Saurabh is well known for his research reports which are quite professional and insightful.

However this book is a disappointment.

The book does contain interesting tidbits such as:

  • Did you know that over 80% of Indian Equities have failed to give rates better than inflation?
  • The 20 year compounded annual rate of return for the Sensex between March 1992 and March 2012 is 7.5 %

But the book fails in its main purpose i.e to explain how a very small number of investors aka “Gurus” are able to deliver market beating returns over long periods of time.

Would recommend a better value proposition:skip this book and have a beer and a biryani instead.

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