Book Review:Suits

This post is in continuation of my book review series (see here)

Suits is a book written by Nina Godiwalla.Nina is a Parsi born and brought up in the US.

The book narrates how Nina got a job on Wall Street and her experiences there.

Since Nina is a woman/an immigrant/from a small town, she had to undergo a series of cultural and other shocks to be able to “fit in”.Here’s one telling anecdote of how Wall Streeters perceive themselves:

Back to our clients,You do realize that they want to be us.They are infatuated with us, and we live out their dreams.That’s why they keep coming back.Don’t forget this is as good as it gets.That’s why you came here.Isn’t it?We’re not reporting in to some head of marketing or crap like that.Instead, we’re telling their CEOs and CFOs what to do.Don’t forget that you’re with the best of the best.


After reading this book, one wonders if any woman would like to work on Wall Street !

Would recommend this book to readers who want to get a feel of how Wall Street companies work !


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