Book Review:Whatever the odds

This post is in continuation of my Book Review series (see here)

I love reading business biographies as it gives a great insight into how businesses operate.

This book “Whatever the odds” is written by KP Singh, the Chairman of DLF.

The author gives a candid account of his personal life and loves but shies away from revealing the “trade secrets” of his business dealings.After the Robert Vadra expose, one can understand why.

Yet if one reads between the lines, one gets the sense of how business is done in India.The influence of politics and politicians to make/mar business fortunes is chronicled well.

I also liked the way KP Singh handled some tough situations-from getting out of the Army, to evicting a difficult tenant, handling farmer’s egos etc

There is a beautiful verse in the book which HD Shourie told KP Singh when his fortunes were at the nadir and he was fighting for his survival:

Kunde Mukhalif se na ghabarye eh akab


Yeh to aata hai tujhe uncha uthane ke liye


O Eagle, do not get scared by the gutsy storm coming from the opposite side


It is coming only to lift you higher


I would recommend this book to readers jinko samajne ke liye ishaara hi kaafi hai !!

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