A mega trend

The Dept of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations has prepared a great study on  world urban populations (see here)

Increasing urbanization is a huge mega trend with huge implications for all of us (especially Indians).

The chart below shows the projected increase in urban populations in India till 2050

If these projections come to pass, then our Indian cities will add around 500 million people to the existing urban populations in the next 40 years !

Considering our choking infrastructure, water scarcity, high food inflation,pathetic sewage systems- a doubling of urban populations can lead to severe social and economic stress.

On the other hand, increasing urbanization can also lead to investment opportunities especially in real estate and agro commodities.


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Read somewhere that during late 19th century many analysts had written reports about how urban streets will be filled with horse manures in next 50 years due to rapid rise in urbanisation and growth in disposable income of people making horses carriages affordable!

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