I will hiss if I can’t bite

“.I can always hiss if can’t bite. If the people’s rights are endangered we will hiss. We can bow our heads to Ma, Mati, Manush, but not to the arrogance of power.When we are shouted, the louder will be our protest. We roar when intimidated. This is our pride.We may be poor, but we have dignity. People are the main assets of democracy. What Bengal thinks today, the world thinks tomorrow,” said Mamata Banerjee at a state government water project at Tallah Park in Kolkata.

Weekend Mega LinkFest:22 Sep, 2012

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Ray Dalio on Gold

MODERATOR: Do you want gold?


DALIO: Oh, yeah. (Laughter.) I do. I think — well, I think anybody — let’s be clear that I think anybody who doesn’t have any — there’s no sensible reason not to have some — if you’re going to own a currency, if you don’t — it’s not sensible not to own gold. Now, it depends on the amount of gold, but if you don’t own, I don’t know, 10 percent in — if you don’t have that and then it depends on the world, then you — then there’s no sensible reason other than you don’t know history and you don’t know the economics of it. (Laughter.)

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