Story of an Indian Entrepreneur

I hugely admire V G Siddhartha of Cafe Coffee Day.

With his inheritance (he comes from a prominent family of coffee plantation owners) and his political influence (his wife is former Karnataka CM’s S M Krishna’s daughter), he could afford to live the good life without busting his chops.

But instead his entrepreneurial energy drove him to start multiple businesses creating jobs,brands and wealth.


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Typical ‘daamaad’ story this. Whether it is Mr Bhattacharya of former PM Vajpayee of BJP, Mr Vadra of Congress President Sonia Gandhi or this gentleman of Krishna family – I have extensively heard and read about how they used political influence to the detriment of the tax payer, the civic society, grabbed lands and built their empires thereon. They have been the fronts for investing all the ill-gotten money from different scams and corruption, and by using their closeness to the bureaucracy, they have virtually kept govt vigilance out of their way. This applies to many real estate companies in mega cities and capital regions too.
Coming to CCD, what you get here is pretty poor quality coffee at such high price. I would rather go to a Coffee House run by the government to taste the real coffee.

I would disagree!, been in bangalore and spent shit load of money at their outlets. If you speak to business inner circle in bangalore, everybody knows CCD is way to convert black money into white!
my two cents!, one should stay away from this IPO.

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