The pompous Mr.Narayana Murthy

“Almost all inventions such as cars, electric bulb, radio, television, computers, Internet, wifi, MRI, laser, robots and many other gadgets and technology happened thanks to the research by Western Universities.

On the other hand, let us pause and ask what the contributions of Indian institutions of higher learning, particularly IISc and IITs, have been over the last sixty-plus years to make our society and the world a better place? Is there one invention from India that has become a household name in the globe? Is there one technology that has transformed the productivity of global corporations? Is there one idea that has lead to an earth shaking invention to delight global citizens?

Folks, the reality is that there is no such contribution from India in the last 60. The only two ideas that have transformed the productivity of global corporations-The Global Delivery Model and the 24-hours workday-came from the company called Infosys.”-said Mr.Narayana Murthy

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Agree with author….. pompous person does not accept that the company he runs is only a glorified “body shop”, nothing to be proud of. even after so many years of being around, sadly the company has not even a single home grown product…. what an utter waste of manpower deployed in that company….

The problem lies with our education system,which we continued since independence & continuously producing clerks as needed by British in their time.

Yes, Body Shopping 24/7 is a no brainer idea to become a software coding coolie giant …. Thanks to Narayana Murthys and others, whose Top Management made any where from Rs 5000 Crores to Rs 25,000 Crores each …. and preach what Govt should do! There are Go-getters, Top Notch Corporate Giants, Enlightened Employers! Wow … fools do live in fool’s paradise!

Has Infosys delivered even one noteworthy product? Made money by hiring and renting ‘code coolies’. We and the media should be blamed for making NRN some kind of super hero. And media have completely forgotten ‘Father of Indian IT’, F.C. Kohli of TCS.

He has a right to boast on Infosys but no need to bring down entire country in the effort.
This is really a foolish statement.We have done some maginificient things in almost all fields. Why even go past 60 years just last year we have Mangalayaan.

Its pompous and he probably should be gracious to at least credit pramod bhasin as well but maybe there is a grain of truth.
Which other indian companies “export” of service or consumable however lowend, coolie or cool has become so well known globally. cant think of anything other than darjeeling tea and cotton during the heydays of the raj.
as for innovations, what NRN says applies not just to India but even every asian university. There’s nothing radical happening on research in Chinese or Korean Univs others that will impact the whole globe

I don’t think Murthy is necessarily wrong. He’s certainly pompous in hyping Infosys but the other question – what has any Indian company done in 60 years is fair. They’ve made money through bribery, corruption, cronyism and who knows what else.

And of course let’s not even get started on politicians.

The fact that the best and brightest of the IIT grads emigrated in the 60’s and 70’s shows that clearly it was our system and not our graduates. Maybe the last 10 years there’s been less of a drain but so far it appears to be more hype and less action.

Being a rich and famous person, this is the least expected from him. If he doesn’t know about other fields, he can study in his leisure time. Actually, being rich, he should have donated to the area of Patent Rights and other IPR related issues. There was a large scale patent war going on with the Uncle SAM on one side and others on the receiving side. Did he ever checked on this? He earned much wealth, earned much respect , and now, blaming IISC for the lack of originality is like you scratch my back, I will scratch yours, in a negative way…. What else can be expected from a highly qualified labour Mestry?

Yes. He is right . But mere admission will not solve the problem. He is a great man, built an empire on his own, reached his goal,be it financial or intellectual, as I still remember the spread of news in the startup stage of Infosys.
But, people like him also caused the brain drain, if you call it, with hefty pay cheques,and least chance to think on individual basis. As long as you get Dollors, that is right….as long as you get cheap labour, you save a lot on projects….after amassing wealth, now he says no originality…….

Coming to IISC or IITs, his favouritism is not un-known. Of course, he wanted only the cream, who doesn’t ? But he never was concerned about the latent skills or talent available, amongst otherwise not so outspoken young generation. It is not just the IITians or IIScians who turned into entrepreneurs like him. Thank God, they did not got selected for this Campus Recruitment….otherwise , he would have killed all their enthusiasm. 24 hours work schedule? Mr. Murty, a day has to be prioritised and not to be overloaded ….ever heard about ILO standards? Where is work-life balance? You wrote a great article about what your own employees are doing in night shifts..naming .surfing, coffee….etc….billing hours made more sense to you, and to your employees….

Mr. Murty,
The entire world is inter-dependent, and if a quality product came out from the west, at least a few individuals from your own country , contributed to the product. Ya, it is not possible to give direct contribution, but you cannot deny the role they played..
Who was there in the initial stage of Microsoft, SunMicro Systems, the Heuwaeys etc?
How many patents are being registered in the Pharma Sector?
After a great great research, you praise the Americans who said some patient need Fecal transplantation, but laugh at Morarji Desai, who did the same ?….

These software Giants focussed only on the cream of these institutes, who were able to beat the existing system.
What actually happened in these institutes? Only paper projects were given importance. Academic research was given too much emphasis, rather than contemporary research. So, SIXTY Generations of 60 Years were producing greet Theses, papers accoladed in International journals, peer appraisals…..what not? But no real Research! All fake….NO, I am not saying this, it is he, who is saying it ALOUD! Anyone listening?

Please give back to the Govt the real value of the land which you have taken to build your IT parks…

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