Site Review: Subramoney

This post is in continuation of my site review series (see here)

SubraMoney is an interesting blog written by P V Subramanyam

The author is a veteran of the markets and has seen many cycles in the stock market.

His posts usually deal with personal finance issues such as tax, insurance etc.

The author also narrates various real life anecdotes which makes the blog very authentic and interesting.Sample this

I know a chartist who has NO MONEY INVESTED IN THE MARKETS – he says even holding a small position creates bias. He invests only in mutual funds (through his brother, on a SIP basis) and HAS NO CLUE about the portfolio of the fund scheme. The last time I met him he had earned Rs. 15L as fees from a stock broker for giving calls on the broader indices. Not bad for a months job, eh?

The writing style is informal, honest and authentic.

Check it out for yourself !!

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