Site Review:Gaurav Blog

As part of my site review series (see here and here), today I take a look at Gaurav blog.

Gaurav Parikh is a veteran of the markets and is a financial adviser.He also teaches at BSE and is invited to speak on investing all over India.

This blog is a personal blog and he writes about various issues under the sun.

The writing style is informal, personal and candid.

Sometimes he posts about his investing ideas which can be profitable to readers of the blog.I am reminded of Ben Graham’s lectures wherein his students used to buy stocks which Ben referenced in his lectures !

Another useful aspect of the blog is the market gossip/talk that Gaurav sometimes posts.Gives a good idea about what other market participants are thinking.

Check it out for yourself !!


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Spanish unemployment surges to 25%

We in India should consider ourselves lucky


Linkfest:Oct 26, 2012

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Would Rajat Gupta have been punished in India?

The short answer is No.

Raj Ratnam said this in an interview

“In Sri Lanka I would have given the judge 50,000 rupees and he’d be sitting having dinner at my house. ”


If you look at the letters of support given to Rajat Gupta by the likes of Pramod Bhasin,Adi Godrej, Mukesh Ambani etc , it is clear that India Inc thinks Rajat did no wrong and deserves no punishment.

It is fairly scary for a retail Indian investor to know that our corporate captains and even the Indian media thinks insider trading is a victimless crime.

I think the average Indian investor feels that the Indian markets are rigged and they are better off investing their hard earned savings in FDs, gold and realty.

Do you blame them?