Site Review: Compare Brokerages

Raghav isĀ  a CA working for a MNC.He wrote the following email to me:

“Over the last few years, there have been as many as 200+brokerages which have defaulted and affecting thousands/lakhs of their clients.

I hit upon an idea that the best way to protect the investor interest is to open up the financials and all hidden charges of brokerages.

For example, today there are thousands of UNICON Securities clients who have been taken for a ride. UNICON was pedigree and had Sequoia capital as an investor. If someone was tracking the financials of UNICON, it would have been easy to figure a while back before the event that there was some mess at UNICON when they lost 24 crores 3 years back. Check this:

Similarly, I have put up 70 other brokerages on this list and need your help in spreading the word.”

I checked out the site and its well designed and very useful for investors.

Would strongly recommend readers interested in researching brokerages and in opening brokerage accounts to check out this site

Site Review: Basu Nivesh

This post is in continuation of my site review series (see here)

BasuNivesh is a financial blog written by Basavaraj Tonagatti.

It covers various topics in the financial planning space such as loans,bonds,epf etc

What I like about the blog is that it is written in a very simple and lucid style making it an easy read.

He has also put up some interesting calculators such as lumpsum investment returns comparator,recurring deposit calculator etc

Check out the blog for yourself !

Site Review:Quants Partner

This post is in continuation of my site review series (see here)

Quants Partner is a website which offers pictorial representations of a company’s financial results in pdf format

It offers two facilities-an overview/financial model.

The overview is a 6 page report consisting of charts such trend in top line/botttom line,operating growth, margin, growth(%) etc

The financial model is an excel file which investors can use to probe deeper into a stock.

Would strongly recommend readers interested in stock research to check out this site

Site Review:SandeepWeb

This post is in continuation of my site review series (see here)

Sandeep writes a blog called “The Rediscovery of India” which offers a nationalistic perspective on current events/historical figures.

His research is usually top class and he writes in an incisive style.Take for instance, his posts on the hypocrisy of Guha and the true legacy of the religious bigot Tipu Sultan.

His latest post “The Snakes in our own grass” gives voice to the anguish of millions of middle class Indians who got nauseated by media channels and assorted punditry who condemned the Indian state for hanging Afzal Guru.

Check out the blog for yourself !

Site Review:Media Crooks

This post is in continuation of my site review series (see here)

Unlike other blogs and sites I have reviewed in the past, this blog has nothing to do with the markets, investments, stocks etc.Yet I feel it is important that people read this blog.

Mediacrooks ,as the name suggests, exposes the crooks in our Main Stream Media (MSM). Written in a humorous and provocative way, it exposes the biases and shortcomings of our media anchors such as Barkha Dutt,Rajdeep Sardesai etc

The blog only covers the general news channels.I wished it covered the business channels (such as CNBC,NDTV Profit etc) also.There would be a wealth of material to expose !

I would strongly recommend this blog to my readers.