Nonsensical advice from Religare

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Lord help you if you bought the highest grade of Bosch at 27000 and Page at 20000 and Sun at 1300 after all they are all good company’s at bad prices

Both piece of the advice is wrong.
First : You should invest in fundamentally strong companies : There is no advice here. It’s like saint’s of God’s gospel. It goes without saying that one should invest in fundamentally strong companies. You don’t need any advice on this.
Second : Don’t bother about their share price : Even Infosys purchased at a wrong price can make you to wait for many years before giving you a decent return. Anybody who purchased Infosys at the time of 2008 global meltdown, was required to wait longer to make profit.
Even a great company or a great stock has a price and it has to be purchased at an appropriate price and not a blind price.

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