Dreaming bigger

Source:James Crabtree

Just love the attitude of India’s NexGen

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Agree. Agree. Agree.

I resented these Indian IT companies – they hired the best and brightest from our engineering colleges, packed them like sardines on a truck from one campus to the other and made them fill timesheets for the rest of their lives.

I’m sorry, but imagine we are in the nineties, can you imagine indian IT company marketing executives going from Customer to Customer in the US/Europe selling end products? With no base in the home country? Or imagine indian companies setting up e-commerce websites? a.k.a Amazon/ebay, without any idea of customer preferences/market research? Who in their right minds would plunk down so much cash for India based startups then?

You cannot have modern human beings on the planet without having several generations of monkeys and neanderthals first. That’s what those older IT companies are. Disagree with them or their policies if you wish, but don’t disrespect them or what they did then.

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