Inside the beautiful mind of Jayant Pai,PPFAS

Jayant Pai is part of the senior management team at PPFAS,one of the smallest mutual funds around.

Here are a couple of tweets he posted:


And he followed it up with:

So basically our friends from PPFAS want leaders with zero expectations who can surprise on the upside. Maybe in Jayant Pai we have a closet supporter of the Mamata Banerjees of the world !

Its apparent that Jayant Pai has imbibed the “value investing” principles of PPFAS.It is interesting to see the top 3 stocks by value (In Lakhs) of their PPFAS Long Term Value Fund as on Aug 2013:

Maharashtra Scooters Limited 1,481.20
Mphasis Ltd 1,529.61
Noida Toll Bridge Co Ltd 1,648.29

Two words come to my mind looking at this: “VALUE TRAP” !!

Anyways, a brief twitter war followed-as can be seen from the exchange below:





And let the world know the beautiful la la mind of Jayant Pai !!

Addendum:Debashis Basu,the Publisher & Editor of MoneyLife Magazine had this to say about Jayant Pai

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  1. I think mixing political opinions and investment opinions make the recipe for a perfect lethal cocktail. I would like to have the investment opinions served on the rocks 😉

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