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Over the last few weeks, I have been mulling over the idea of starting investment newsletters.

Unlike other investment newsletters which offer trading advice, stock tips etc, I am inclined towards data based investment letters (Only data, no forecasting, no gyan !)

Two investment letters have been suggested by my friends in the industry:

1.Investor Wisdom Newsletter:

  • Frequency:Quarterly
  • Content:Portfolio holdings of 25/30 investors (such as FIIs,Venture Funds,prominent individuals etc).It will also track their changes from quarter to quarter
  • How does it help:Follows the coat tailing principle of Warren Buffett:Warren Buffett felt honored to borrow ideas from any useful source.He called that riding coattails and did not care whether the idea was glamorous or mundane.You get to know what the “smart money” is doing and decide accordingly
  • Pricing:Rs.1990/year

2.Sectoral Newsletter:

  • Frequency:Weekly
  • Content:Tracks prominent sector movements during the week.It will also give a big picture view of whats happening-which sectors are falling above/below their 200 day averages,death crosses etc
  • How does it help:Steve Cohen once said in an interview “Around 40% of a stock’s price movement was due to the market,30% due to the sector and only 30% to the stock itself”. You get to know what sectors are in/out of favor and decide accordingly.
  • Pricing:Rs.2990/year

Both products will have the Alpha Ideas guarantee:You may cancel anytime for a full 100% refund on the balance of your subscription term

If you are interested in these products, please email me for a free trial at  Alpha Ideas

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