Remember the time Karvy recommended Tricom

There is an old quip “The problem of being experienced is that you keep forgetting what the experience was !!”

Today as I was perusing the stock exchange data, Tricom caught my eye.Tricom crashed by 18.46% today to close at 2.65 Rs.

I remember in the hoary past (in 2006) to be precise, Karvy was going around town recommending Tricom.It had put a buy target of Rs.220 then !!

Am screwing up Michael Jackson’s lyrics of his song “Remember the time”


Do You Remember
When Karvy Fell In Love with Tricom
We Were Young
And Innocent Then
Do You Remember
How It All Began
It Just Seemed Like a Multi Bagger
So Why Did It End?

Remember The Times
Do You. Do You, Do You,
Do You, Do You
Remember The Times
On the TV, On The Internet
Remember The Times
Karvy & Tricomn
Remember The Times
What About, What About…

Remember The Times
Ooh… In NSE
Remember The Times
After Market Hours…, Do You, Do You, Do You
Remember The Times
Do You, Do You, Do You, Do You
Remember The Times
Yeah Yeah

And the MJ video follows below:

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