Linkfest: September 19,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

ICICI Pru Life IPO opens today (BL)

Its a freeway for new private banks in India (Mint)

Telecom auction will separate men from the boys (ET)

Rupee forecasts jump (Quint)

Travails of a Trend Follower (Prashanth)

The Ultimate Strategy (Prashanth)

Inside every HDFC, a Satyam is dormant (Bala)

Change of strategy by Porinju Veliyath (RJ)

Naming Mutual Fund Schemes (MFCritic)

EBITDA: Sniffing out the truth (Investing Caffeine)

2 replies on “Linkfest: September 19,2016”

Great collection of insight giving stories. Please keep up the good work. It would have taken us hours to get to these stories and might have left it after reading all the headlines. I know the hard work u must have done for getting to these stories in this environment where there is so much of noise of useless information. Keep up the good work Raoji.

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