Weekend Mega Linkfest:April 29,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Why builders won’t cut prices (Jaggi)

Narayan Murthy’s letter to his daughter (Office Chai)

Nestle’s Half-Billion $ Noodle Debacle in India (Fortune)

How Uber conquered London (Guardian)

The secret shame of Middle Class Americans (Atlantic)

Iceland’s water cure (NYTimes)

Literature and Leadership (Havard)

Auto Review: Skoda Superb (Team BHP)

Startup Story: SaffronStays (YS)

What 10 days of Vipassana taught me (DailyO)

Gossip:Amma is angry with BJP (Gossip Guru)

Where to eat,shop,sightsee in Pondicherry (NatGeo)

Diet:In praise of dal-rice (Rujuta Diwekar)

Bollywood: Kangana Ranaut’s ex spills the beans (DNA)

How far have you come? (Om Malik)

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