Weekend Mega Linkfest:18 February,2016

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

Acing all Odds-The Leander Paes Way (Forbes)

The Mahabharata of Indian Internet Unicorns (Haresh Chawla)

Why I am against NewsX and TimesNow (Newslaundry)

Remembering the Indian Naval Mutiny (Scroll)

Kamlesh Tiwari Vs JNU (Op India)

Sheldon Adelson bets it all (Mother Jones)

China’s rich kids head West (New Yorker)

Preparing for the collapse of Saudi Arabia (Atlantic)

The Billion Year Wave (New Yorker)

How 21 year old Rohith is riding his Enfield to 46 Countries (YS)

How Manish Sharma lost his Startup and got it back (Mint)

11 Reasons why a Startup is like a girlfriend (Office Chai)

Secret language of hands in Indian Iconography (Smithsonian)

Maroosh-The West Asian QSR (Outlook)

Gossip: Splitsville and Money (FS)

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