Timing is everything when you short a stock !

On 4th Feb, 2013 Jubilant Foodworks releases its quarterly results to the exchange.The markets are disappointed with same store sales and the stock falls by 5.3% to 1138.2

The management has an analyst call the same evening post market hours.

On 5th Feb, 2013 the stock falls by around 8.5% to 1041

There is panic amongst investors and traders built up short positions

On 6th Feb, 2013 morning, Deutsche Bank puts out a Buy target of 1260 Rs on Jubilant Foodworks.The stock rallies and closes to 1134.65, squeezing the traders who went short.

People who lost money naturally suspect the timing of the report.They point out that Deutsche Bank has relationships with the Jubilant group (It was appointed the joint broker in Oct 2011 by Jubilant Energy ).

Ah well, you win some, you lose some

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This is a market game.People love to play.Some win Some lose.Foresight,Agility,Grit & Patience are critical ingredients of players.

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