Weekend Mega Linkfest:March 01,2013

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The reality of real estate (Moneylife)

Drinking in Kerala-Rum, rum everywhere (Economist)

Land grab in Ayodhya (Open)

Weapons payload (Outlook)

Bangladesh,what Bangladesh? (Newslaundry)

Rahul Pandita on Kashmir and its stories(Forbes)

Mangalore-Where the morality is saffron colored (Tehelka)

The fishy history of McDonald’s Filet o fish sandwich (Smithsonian)

My dad was not ready to die (Slate)

Apple Vs Wall Street (NewYorker)

Billionaire Bill Ackman’s ill fated bike ride (VanityFair)

The benefits of optimism are real (Atlantic)

An economic explanation for the persistence of caste in India (IdeasforIndia)

Spoof:David Cameroon explains his India trip to his wife (UnrealTimes)

10 truths about being an entrepreneur (Rodinhoods)

Why Iran won’t budge (ProjectSyndicate)

A guide to owning a Harley Davidson in India (TeamBHP)

Tom Freston, runaway Mogul (Men’sJournal)

A profile of Fauja Singh, 101 year old runner (ESPN)

The rise of the new Shanghai (DesignObserver)


Weekend Mega Linkfest:Feb 23,2013

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

Meet the world’s top NBA gambler (ESPN)

Crime:The Miami heist (Businessweek)

The ladies sing the blues (Caravan)

Another one from Ketan Parekh’s 10 stocks self destructs (Moneylife)

How is sharing and renting creating a new economy in the West (ForbesIndia)

Google’s new built-from-scratch Googleplex (VanityFair)

Syria: The death of a country (Economist)

The shocking savagery of America’s early history (Smithsonian)

14 things successful people do on weekends (Forbes)

America’s awful job market for Ph.D’s (Atlantic)

The 50 most scandalous dresses in history (NYMag)

Movie Review:Murder 3 (VigilIdiot)

Travelogue: Sariska Tiger Reserve and Siliserh lake (Ghumakkar)

Fixing Car vibrations (TeamBHP)

Prison and the poverty trap (NYTimes)

The extraordinary science of addictive junk food (NYTimes)

Spoof:Why I don’t want Narendra Modi to be PM (UnrealTimes)

The cold Arab spring (Playboy)

All you need to know about the Indian Mujahideen (IndiaToday)

Obituary:Zhuang Zedong (Economist)