Weekend Mega Linkfest: 16 August, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The Battle for Hong Kong (Time)

Tax Jihadism in India (Rediff)

Why Modi’s Kashmir move is widely supported in India (Ashok Malik)

The final betrayal of Kashmir (Prem Shankar Jha)

The myth of Eurabia (Guardian)

3 Years of misery inside Google (Wired)

Dirty tricks in selling cars (Team BHP)

How Tagore used Rakhi to fight the British (BI)

How a Russian pioneered Bengali theatre (Quartz)

On Upper Berths (J Mathrubootham)

A Complete Guide to North East India (Parnashree Devi)

On Veer Savarkar (Open)

Raavan Dairy (Amish Tripathi)

Tirumala Nayaka, Ruler of Madurai (Mint)

Mahabaleshwar: More than strawberries (LHI)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 09 August, 2019

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

Will the milk come to a boil in J&K? (Rahul Pandita)

India annexes Kashmir (Mohammed Hanif)

Kashmir Regained (M J Akbar)

‘Akhand Bharat’ posters in Pakistan (DailyO)

The failure to liberate Palestine (Guardian)

A Rohingya speaks (SCMP)

The life of a Kung Fu Nun in Ladakh (Arre)

The good doctor of Travancore (Manu Pillai)

India’s city where people come to die (BBC)

Walking the path of Buddha in India (New Yorker)

The Jewish community in India (Times of Israel)

How Mosquitoes shaped human history (Smithsonian)

Rabindranath Tagore, the Artist (LHI)

Profile: Potti Sriramulu (Better India)

Obituary: Sushma Swaraj (Madras Courier)

Weekend Mega Linkfest : 02 August, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

All eyes on Kashmir (News Click)

Rahul’s war on the Congress (Harish Khare)

Saudi Arabia: No One is Safe (Vanity Fair)

Murder in the Moroccon Mountains (Outside)

How the State runs business in China (Guardian)

How a Harvard Law Professor got victimised (The Cut)

The village that lost its country (BBC Travel)

Pulicat & the forgotten Indian Slave Trade (LHI)

Vijanagar’s age of confidence (Manu Pillai)

India’s toughest race (Better India)

Full tension (J Mathrubootham)

On Masoom (Nairita Mukherjee)

On sunk costs in relationships (Nisha Susan)

The Apu Paradox (Kahini Iyer)

London Diary (Talmiz Ahmad)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 19 July, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Is there a God? (Stephen Hawking)

Duterte’s War on Drugs (Guardian)

Author of the Indian Century (M J Akbar)

The Controversy over P G Wodehouse (Times of Israel)

The Golden Bough (Salman Rushdie)

The rise and rise of the ‘Asshole’ (Madras Courier)

The rise of Coffee Shaming (Atlantic)

The story of Faizabad and its Begums (LHI)

The surprising truth about Indian food (BBC Travel)

Maggots- The Future of Food (SCMP)

Real Humiliation (J Mathrubootham)

Sitharaman Vs Journalists (Gossip Guru)

Why supercars don’t sell in India (Team BHP)

The Kitchen Maid as a Bhakti Poet (Manu Pillai)

Kartarpur- The precursor to Sikh religion (Dawn)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 12 July, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Iran is right (Slate)

State Capture in South Africa (Guardian)

African Americans & the Moon Landing (Smithsonian)

The Texas Town that bet on Bitcoin and lost (Wired)

A Cultural Survey of the Economy (Bibek Debroy)

The rise of Aaditya Thackeray (DailyO)

Is Arif Mohammed Khan BJP’s next Presidential nominee ? (DailyO)

Goa, Goan , Gone (Swarajya)

What to do if bitten by a snake (Better India)

My favourite smell (J Mathrubootham)

Notes on a Suicide (Rana Dasgupta)

Indulekha: A pioneering Malayalam novel (LHI)

The thwarted promise of 1857 (Manu Pillai)

The Goan ‘Susegad’ (BBC Travel)

Moscow Diary (Outlook)