Weekend Mega Linkfest: October 13,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The inhuman treatment of Mumbai commuters (Counter Current)

Did Britain educate India? (Open)

Asia’s water wars (ATimes)

The Prophet of Germany’s new Right (NYTimes)

Why India needs  a Balochistan policy (Swarajya)

Why Rohingya will never be welcome in Myanmar (SCMP)

Pakistan: Coup Talk (Dawn)

The world’s first terrorists (Independent)

Road Trip: The Meghalaya Sojourn (TeamBHP)

The alternative Kishore Kumar playlist (Scroll)

This Londoner started a 4.4 Cr Vada Pav Business (YS)

Go anywhere on Earth in 60 minutes (Futurism)

Blany D’Souza – Mangalore’s Urban Gardener (BI)

The true story of the Death of Stalin (Smithsonian)

Book Review: Survival of the Prettiest (NYTimes)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: October 06, 2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How Chinese tourists are changing the world (SCMP)

Why China got so angry with India (IE)

The fascinating history of Mysore Sandal Soap (BI)

Modinomics explained (Jaggi)

A Caste & Cultural war in Goa (Caravan)

When working from home doesn’t work (Atlantic)

Pakistan: The War Within (Diplomat)

Behind Saudi Arabia (Dawn)

Jackie Chan’s plans to keep on kicking (GQ)

Pune Villagers Vs Sunburn Festival (Scroll)

Why can’t we cure the common cold? (Guardian)

Travelogue: Machu Picchu, Peru (TeamBHP)

Best places to see the  Northern Lights (Smithsonian)

The Kangana-Hrithik drama (HP)

Mumbai Notebook (Anil Dharker)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: September 29, 2017

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

Inside the Hate Modi industry (Rahul Pandita)

Doordarshan era anchors recall the past (Scroll)

Yashwant Sinha Ko Gussa Kyon Aaya (Jaggi)

The horrifically evil ISIS Wives (Alternet)

Life and violent death in China Town (SCMP)

Facebook’s war on free will (Guardian)

The inside story of the great Silicon Valley heist (Wired)

Special Report: The Break Up of Pakistan 1969-71 (Dawn)

What ever happened to the Russian Revolution? (Smithsonian)

Ownership Review: My 2017 Hyundai Verna Diesel (TeamBHP)

Rahul Gandhi’s money woes (Gossip Guru)

The untold story of Yusuf Meherally (BI)

Jain Couple’s embracing of monkhood is privilege, not sacrifice (HP)

The Good Snob (IQ)

Los Angeles Diary (Outlook)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 22 September, 2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How Big Business got Brazil hooked onto junk food (NYTimes)

A 105 year old Japanese Doctor who studied longevity (Independent)

The Scotsman who knows India better than many of us (Rediff)

The College Try (California Sunday)

Escape from North Korea (SCMP)

Why nobody wants the Rohingya (Open)

The Left has turned on the Lady of Burma (Spectator)

The madness of Donald Trump (Matt Taibi)

The Professional fortunes of 2002 Godhra investigators (Caravan)

The ridiculous “Principles” of Ray Dalio (Charles)

History: How Sir M Visvesvaraya tamed Hyderabad’s floods (BI)

Travelogue: Bali (Team BHP)

Inside story of Cabinet reshuffle (Gossip Guru)

Food: Best dishes to try in Amritsar (Lonely Planet)

Toronto Diary (Outlook)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: September 15,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Russia’s new theory of war (NYTimes)

America’s secret role in the Rwandan genocide (Guardian)

Cure to Cancer is near (Outlook)

Modi’s Mandal (Open)

Time to break up J&K (PGurus)

How Pakistan became a failed state (Minhaz Merchant)

Can America live with a nuclear North Korea? (Atlantic)

China is light years ahead in the mobile payments revolution (SCMP)

Pakistan’s Intelligence Agencies: The inside story (Dawn)

A Travancore Tale (Orijit Sen)

Daytime Prisons (Media Crooks)

How Sikkim became India’s cleanest state (BI)

The history of zero is older than thought (Smithsonian)

How Indian film makers depict servants (IQ)

12 Top tips from experienced drivers (Brightside)