Weekend Mega Linkfest: 17 January, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

A story about a Hindu Bengali refugee (Arunudoy)

Hindutva is Hinduism that resists (DNA)

Why foes of BJP may be right this time (Manu Joseph)

The Big Scandal of Indology (Subhash Kak)

Your life is driven by Network Effects (James Currier)

How fitness app Stava became a religion (Guardian)

The empty seat on a crowded Japanese train (Japan Times)

The Middle Eastern problem Soleimani figured out (Hassan Hassan)

What does Mohammed Bin Zayed want? (NY Times)

Confessions of Tipu Sultan (My India)

Ayub the first (Dawn)

Conversation with Mohammed Hanif (SCMP)

The Commissioner who left Bombay bankrupt (Mid Day)

19th Century American Slave Sale & Auction Ads (Mind Circle)

The Indian Food Thali (Vandana Jayrajan)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 10 January, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The Muslim Rage (Open)

Why JNU is a target for the Govt (Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay)

Shut down JNU (Media Crooks)

Trump has made us all stupid (NY Times)

How the US knew Iranian missiles were coming (Wired)

How Israel views Trump’s strike against Iran (New Yorker)

A Scandal in Oxford (Guardian)

How the US created El Salvador’s bloody gang wars (Guardian)

Royal Hypocrites (Atlantic)

The incredibly happy life of Larry David (GQ)

The Ramayana: A Tibetan retelling (LHI)

The oldest person in the world turns 117 (Smithsonian)

From Hawker to Hacker (The Youth)

The unmaking of India’s fountain pens (Bibek Debroy)

Obituary: Akbar Padamsee (Mint)

Weekend Mega Linkfest : 03 January, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

Profile : Qassem Soleimani ( CTC )

Iran’s call for revenge (TOI)

The Phantoms of Chittagong ( Dhaka Tribune)

What Kargil wants after Article 370 (Mint)

Dismantling Sheikh Abdullah’s legacy (Naseer Ganai )

Meet the Intellectual Founder of Brazil’s Far Right ( Atlantic )

Maya, the woman who almost broke free ( BBC )

Xi Jinping & Winnie the Pooh (SCMP)

What the West gets wrong about China ( Unherd)

On the sexual jihad in Cologne (Jessica Isabel Robeson)

Guide to Indian Food ( Ian Anderson )

The Leopard and the Baboon ( Time )

Make 2020 the year of less sugar ( NY Times)

How to use your flaws to better yourself ( Manu Joseph)

2010s was never ending nonsense (J Mathrubootham)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 28 December, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The fallacy of liberal angst (Swapan Dasgupta)

Why Modi will win the battle on CAA (Makarand Paranjape)

Being Amit Shah (Open)

Inside Mexio’s bloody cartel war for avocados (LA Times)

Why WeWork went wrong (Guardian)

20,000 feet under the sea (Atlantic)

The Genocide that US can’t remember but Bangladesh can’t forget (Smithsonian)

Japan’s secret war and the Atomic Bomb (ATimes)

Faiz- Islamist or Marxist? (Vikas Saraswat)

Hand Dryers Vs Paper Towels (Samanth Subramaniam)

Case of Missing Marriage Certificate (J Mathrubootham)

Sleeping with danger (Hindu)

The ‘Other Gandhi’ (LHI)

What’s its like to live in an over-touristed city? (BBC Travel)

Amsterdam Diary (Ashok Mehta)

Weekend Mega Linkfest : 20 December, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

Rahul Kanwal interviews Amit Shah (You Tube)

Lage Raho Kejriwal (Print)

Pakistani Hindu refugees Vs Medha Patkar (Op India)

Bollywood, please spare us your stupidity (Tushar Gupta)

South Korea’s Millionaire Celebrity School teachers (Guardian)

Japan’s Pizza Toast (Eater)

The dark world of online murder markets (Harpers)

China Vs India at the Andaman Sea (SCMP)

Kandahar 1999: Story of a Hijacking (Open)

The fall of Dhaka from Bihari eyes (Dawn)

Why it is the right time to reclaim Gilgit-Baltistan (Claude Arpi)

A Muslim Royal’s Christian Faith (Manu Pillai)

Damascus Steel’s Indian Origins (LHI)

On losing weight (J Mathrubootham)

Your monthly car expenditure? (Team BHP)