Weekend Mega Linkfest: 21 September, 2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Take Me Back to India (Guardian)

Sign of Difficult Times to come (Markandey Katju)

Mohan Bhagwat’s idea of India (Daily O)

Everything you know about obesity is wrong (HP)

Polarization in Poland (Atlantic)

Germany’s Summer of Identity Crisis (Atlantic)

Chinese on trains (SCMP)

The 57 Foot Bahubali statue (Team BHP)

Profile: Makhan Singh, Kenya’s Revolutionary (Madras Courier)

Amit Samarth: A ghost rider across Siberia (Mint)

Muharram in the 19th Century (Dawn)

The Colonial Clubs of India (Open)

Local Indian Liquors (Outlook)

New Rahulism (Gossip Guru)

Non-stop comedy in my house (J Mathrubootham)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 07 September, 2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Becoming an Ironman (Mint)

How an ‘Intolerant India’ emancipated the tolerant (Op India)

Why were Kerala floods so deadly? (Time)

The legacy war at Teen Murti (Open)

The Op-Ed that caused a political earthquake in America (NYTimes)

China’s shocking pace of change (Guardian)

When China calls, all Africa answers (ATimes)

The worst is yet to come in Syria (Atlantic)

The Imam’s Widow (Pro Publica)

Are Chinese tourists messing up Bali ? (SCMP)

Profile: S Radhakrishnan (Swarajya)

The eternal Malgudi Days (Madras Courier)

Chennai-The chess capital of India (Outlook)

Wedding shopping adventures in India (Mint)

Carnatic Music’s recent discordant note (Anand Kumar)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 31 August, 2018

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

The RSS (Outlook)

How Sugar influences Indian politics (Fortune)

How America’s most reckless Billionaire created the fracking boom (Guardian)

Uncomfortably numb in Punjab (Open)

A 1980s Wall Street insider trading case (SCMP)

The nastiest feud in Science (Atlantic)

Inside the fabulous world of Cruise perfomers (Esquire)

American Pie (Eater)

Jordan’s existential crisis (ATimes)

Myanmar’s Kachin minority (Time)

Mayawati estranged (Gossip Guru)

The inspiring story of Ngangom Dinko Singh (BI)

India’s obsession with fair skin (Madras Courier)

Auto Review: Jaguar I-Pace Electric SUV (Wired)

Slum Wolf (Granta)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 24 August, 2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The untold story of Notpetya, the most devastating cyberattack in History (Wired)

Putin’s terrifying  new weapon of War (News AU)

Has BDS transformed the Israeli-Palestine debate? (Guardian)

The true story of Victoria and Abdul (Smithsonian)

The inescapable weight of my $ 100,000 student debt (Guardian)

Donald Trump’s Mafia mindset (Atlantic)

Beyond Kashmir (Shashi Tharoor)

Kerala Floods: Ecological Lessons (Open)

Indian cooking a You Tube Hit (New Yorker)

Mountaineering: Scaling K2 (Dawn)

India’s first Hebrew Newspaper (Madras Courier)

Editing Vidia Naipaul (Granta)

Dilli Dur Ast (Gossip Guru)

Tale of a Total Loss Claim (Team BHP)

Jirang: The Tibet of Odisha (Team BHP)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 17 August, 2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

How a Gujju girl became an international Sumo wrestling champion (MC)

Arun Shourie on Atal Bihari Vajpayee (NDTV)

Could Advani ever made it to PM? (Jaggi)

How Tripadvisor changed Travel (Guardian)

The great Chinese art heist (GQ)

Insider’s perspective of the CV industry (Team BHP)

How Sonos is building the audio internet (Wired)

Post LS2019 (Media Crooks)

Arunkumar Kembhavi-The people’s DC (BI)

Trump & the N word (Atlantic)

Steve Job’s daughter (Vanity Fair)

Death of a Dictator (Dawn)

On Parsi Baugs (Arre)

The story of Vajpayee’s last photograph (Mint)

Obituary: Somnath Chatterjee (Open)