Weekend Mega Linkfest: 15 January, 2021

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

My life in the shadow of Cecil Rhodes ( Simukai Chigudu)

What white privilege steals from us (Indi Samarajiva)

Who are the actual NGO beneficiaries ? (Karma Colonialism)

The man who turned Credit Card points into an Empire (NY Times)

The market value of my father (Wealth Simple)

What Indian car did you have a crush on? (Team BHP)

I am a victim of a serious phishing attack (Nidhi Razdan)

The story of Aswathi Hot Chips (Better India)

River rafting in Arunachal Pradesh (Nat Geo)

The second career of Michael Riegels (Granta)

Shareef ( Mahreen Sohail)

How Austrian Kings Joseph I & Charles VI decided the fate of India & America (The Kaipullai)

Remembering Mahendra Kapoor ( Ajay Mankotia)

The story of Indian Coffee (LHI)

Why Germans love getting naked in public (BBC Travel)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 08 January, 2021

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The last 10 Minutes (Yuval Cherlow)

The new architecture of a New India (Sanjeev Sanyal)

The world shook as America raged (New Yorker)

The EU, CAI and the abyss (ORF)

How Kani brothers terrorised a Libyan town (BBC)

What my grandfather’s life taught me about China and America (Vincent Li)

Facebook is a doomsday machine (Atlantic)

Subaltern Hindutva (Abhinav Prakash)

The six husbands every wife should have (Rajiv Mehta)

The musical genius of Late M D Ramanathan (RV)

CIA declassified files of the 1971 war (Vikas)

Jaichand was no traitor (Only Dharma)

Joining Apple 40 years ago (Jean Louis Gassee)

The trouble with Optionality (Mihir Desai)

How Goa’s holiday homes have weathered the pandemic (Mint)


Weekend Mega Linkfest : 24 December, 2020

Some off beat reads for the long weekend :

Inside India’s booming dark data economy ( RestOfWorld )

The truth behind Indian American exceptionalism ( Atlantic )

Hindu Phobia in the Academy ( India Currents )

Woke-Lash ( Newsweek )

The importance of Himanta Biswa Sarma (Ruhi Tewari)

India has forced a stalemate in Ladakh (Lt. Gen. Panag )

How neutering became the norm ( Moose Nuggets )

Judge Saheb ka Kutta ( Manushi )

The problems of running a business in India ( Shravan Venkataraman)

Why cricket lovers love Channel 9 ( Abhishek Mukherjee )

My friend told her son that Santa isn’t real ( Long View )

Texas wedding photographers have seen some S#!+ ( Texas Monthly )

Takshashila : The World’s Oldest University ( Raghu )

On Athangudi Tiles ( Deepti )

Why we should learn German ( John Le Carre )


Weekend Mega Linkfest : 11 December, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

Martine Rothblatt’s life of moonshots ( PHD )

The curse of Lithium ( Guardian )

The smoking gun in Facebook Antitrust case ( Wired )

The nuclear family was a mistake ( David Brooks )

What my Dad gave his shop ( Atlantic)

Uber ruined lives in Kenya ( NBC )

Pakistan cheers Khalistan ( Naila Inayat )

Jerry Seinfeld’s methods for success ( Tim Ferris Show )

How Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated ( DailyO )

Violence is coming to America ( Indi Samarajiva )

Havelock Road becomes Guru Nanak Road in London ( MC )

India’s Counterfeit Elite ( Minhaz Merchant )

The ambiguous heroism of the fabled Indian farmer ( Manu Joseph )

Spoof : I am immortal ( The Onion )

Remembering Rao Bahadur Yeshwantrao Desai ( LHI )


Weekend Mega Linkfest : 04 December, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

Rajnikanth enters TN politics ( IE )

What are the farmer protests all about? ( Anurag Singh )

Anand Patwardhan has a warning ( NY Times)

The Nazi inspiring China’s Communists ( Atlantic)

How COBOL controls your money ( WS)

The story of Vicco ( Mint )

The two sides of Diego Maradona ( Ringer )

How my mind was colonized ( Indi Samarajiva )

The story of Pakistan’s women cricket ( Cricket Monthly )

Revisiting Hitler’s final days in the Bunker ( New Yorker )

Have you ever spotted your ex-car? ( Team BHP)

The Jauhar of Jaisalmer ( Shalini Singh )

Odisha’s Bali Yatra ( LHI )

The magic of Farida Khanum ( DailyO)

Yogendra Yadav is the Kim Kardashian of India ( Arnab Ray)