Weekend Mega Linkfest: 20 March, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Chloroquine may fight Covid-19 (Wired)

Modi did what Trump/Xi couldn’t (Makarand Paranjape)

China is avoiding blame by trolling the world (Shadi Hamid)

Lobby of Big Ticket Lawyers exposed (Jaggi)

Farooq Abdullah’s silence (Seshadri Chari)

Scindia and the Hindu Right (LHI)

The Rahul Gandhi Question (Rahul Pandita)

Why Iran is struggling to contain Coronavirus (Time)

Racism in Israel (TOI)

Why Ankara’s Syrian refugee threat has lost its impact ( Al Monitor)

Pakistan’s Cornavirus Camp: No facilities, No humanity (Guardian)

Is it OK to have a child? (Meehan Crist)

Can computers ever replace the classroom? (Guardian)

Now transfer car ownership online (Team BHP)

Mrs. Mathrubootham writes in (J Mathrubootham)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 13 March, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The Scindia Revolt (Amita Shah )

Nothing will be left of Congress ( P D Barman)

Why Hindus are not able to tell their side of the story (Manu Joseph)

Italy: Who gets a hospital bed? (Atlantic)

Putin positions to be Russia’s eternal leader (New Yorker)

China’s Kaifeng Jews (SCMP)

Hezbollah: The curse of Lebanon (Hussain Abdul Hussain)

The Princess who got away (Rafia Zakaria)

Donald Trump is the greatest hoax on America (Preet Bharara)

Will Tokyo 2020 Olympics happen? (Time)

How to make hand sanitizer at home (Wired)

What future is there for planet? (J Mathrubootham)

Missing: The roar of the crowd (Esquire)

Profile : Begum Hazrat Mahal (LHI)

The myth of ‘Bloody Mary’ (Smithsonian)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 06 March, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

You’re likely to get the Coronavirus (Atlantic)

CAA is necessary (Harish Salve)

Naveen Patnaik’s unbeaten run (Outlook)

What Rashmi Thackeray means for Shiv Sena (DailyO)

WeWork: Eat, Pray, Spend (Bustle)

Putin saves Erdogan from himself (ATimes)

The People of Las Vegas (Believe)

The rise & fall of Greece’s neo-Nazis (Guardian)

The end of Egyptian Cotton (New Yorker)

How 4 Christian votes made Pakistan possible (Friday Times)

40+, Single & Loving it (Mint)

Married life means what? (J Mathrubootham)

Dorabji Tata: Going for Olympic Gold (LHI)

Travelogue: Bhutan (Team BHP)

Cairo Diary (Open)


Weekend Mega Linkfest : 28 February, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

Hate Wave in Delhi ( Rahul Pandita )

Delhi Police has only itself to blame ( Neeraj Kumar )

Lawless Anti Nationals ( Media Crooks )

Coming up Trumps ( Aroon Purie)

From America with Love ( Brahma Chellaney)

Under lockdown in Italy ( New Yorker )

Coronavirus could break Iran ( Atlantic )

Russia and Turkey drift towards War ( Jamestown )

The great Buenos Aires bank heist ( GQ )

How Bahawalpur helped a broke Pakistan ( Print)

The Bernie Sanders Litmus Test ( TOI )

Bhagat Singh’s greatest ‘fear’ ( LHI )

Travelogue : 20 days holiday in Japan ( Team BHP )

The Heera Mandi of Lahore ( Dawn )

Mathrubootham goes for a massage ( J Mathrubootham)


Weekend Mega Linkfest: 20 February, 2020

Some off beat reads for the long weekend:

How Hindu supremacists are tearing India apart (Samanth Subramanian)

How Pulwama changed India ( Sushant Sareen)

How the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is taking shape (Swarajya)

The Airbnb scam in London (Wired)

Going to Tijuana for surgery (Medium)

Why Mahathir may not step aside for Anwar (ATimes)

Pakistani Hindus lose daughters to forced Muslim marriages (USA Today)

In Britain, even jails have a class system (Atlantic)

How the Jubilee Diamond saved the Tatas (LHI)

For centuries, war & opium have been entwined in Asia (SCMP)

Strom-R3: A startup electric car (BI)

Mathrubootham Vs Whatsapp history lessons (J Mathrubootham)

9 rare natural phenomena worth traveling for (Smithsonian)

Drink Kahwa like a Kashmiri (Mint)

Obituary: Larry Tesler, the inventor of Cut-Copy-Paste (BBC)