Linkfest: March 27,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How to get rich like Warren Buffett (Mint)

Explained: Reliance’s Insider Trading Case (BS)

DMart is the priciest retail stock globally (Money Control)

IPOs worth 20,000 Crores lined up (ET)

The backdoor entry of Aadhar into Income Tax (Quint)

Year End Buying (Subramoney)

Which business should you  be in? (Amit)

10 headlines you will never see in the financial media (Daniel)

One of the biggest ideas in life is compounding (WiloWallStreet)

Over 12 SUVs to blaze Indian roads soon (Money Control)

Linkfest: March 24,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Radical proposal for NPA resolution (Arun Jaitley)

The cash cow that is Hindustan Zinc (ET)

How to ride the IPO wave (FE)

Indian DVRs and their underlying (VR)

UBS: Not so fast on India stock rally (Bloomberg)

Kumarmangalam Birla has got the better deal (BL)

How Indian family businesses survive (Forbes)

5 Questions to ask before you buy a stock (Howard Marks)

US Stock market has become v risky (Meb Faber)

The “Retail Apocalypse” is officially descending on America (ZeroHedge)

Linkfest: March 23,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

PayTM employees sell shares worth 100 Crores (ET)

IPO Review: Shankara Building Products (SP Tulsian)

India Billionaires spar over data speed (Bloomberg)

15 new companies in F&O segment (BL)

ABG Shipyard’s auditors express doubt about its future (Quint)

Buying a resale flat in Pune. Beware ! (Ravi)

Annuity: When is it a good investment decision? (Vipin)

Why American farmers are hacking their tractors (Climateer)

The best free investing tools on the internet (CS)

Understanding the cult of emotion (CFA Institute)

Linkfest: March 22, 2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Dollar Bulls are throwing in the towel (Bloomberg)

US Stocks tumble (ZeroHedge)

D-Mart listing bolsters Damani’s wealth & reputation (Mint)

IPOs: Bumper debut stocks tend to do well (BL)

Govt to limit cash transactions to 2L (ET)

It’s time for hostile takeovers (Uday Kotak)

Post merger, 47% of SBI Associate Bank branches will be shut down (BS)

Gradual improvements go unnoticed (Irrelevant Investor)

Go stronger by humbling yourself (FS)

The antidote for stock market hysteria (Tim)

Linkfest: March 21,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Behind the scenes story of Voda-Idea merger (ET)

Punters,leveraged HNIs nervously eye DMart listing today (Money Control)

Amazon’s attempts to break into the grocery market (Mint)

Cognizant may slash more than 10,000 jobs (BS)

India hunts for solution to bad debt crisis (Bloomberg)

These people belong to casinos,not markets (TRB)

The risk of a crash has never been higher (Pension Partners)

Be willing to do the grunt work if you want to be rich (FS)

The dirtiest word in Finance: Market Timing (Alpha Architect)

Using debt like growth equity (A VC)