Linkfest: 07 August, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

RBI diktat to banks on opening current accounts (Rediff)

Equity fund raising may soar to a record (Mint)

Tata Motors prepare to sell their passenger car business (Money Life)

Captives keep Embassy REIT humming (TOI)

What Indians have been spending their cash on during the pandemic (BS)

House rentals are falling (CNBC)

Retail investors are riding the rebound everywhere (MSN)

25 Quotes on Bitcoin & Gold (ETF)

The Sweet Spot (Mr. Money Mustache)

What do you own? (Seth Godin)


Linkfest: 06 August,2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

RBI Meeting today (Mint)

6 Apple Production Lines moving to India (Apple Insider)

HDFC to raise 14,000 Cr via QIP (Mint)

India has the worst disconnect between stock rally, gloomy economy (BS)

Are data centres the next golden goose for Indian Realty? (CNBC)

No relation between intelligence and investing performance (Klement)

Tough road ahead for Intel (Forbes)

What always changes (Morgan Housel)

The China myth exposed (DR)

Time for Thinking (Howard Marks)


Linkfest: 05 August, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Ayodhya Ram Mandir Bhoomi Pujan today (Mint)

Gold barrels past $ 2,000 (Bloomberg)

Vivo retires hurt from IPL (BS)

Interview with Pankaj Tibrewal (Morningstar)

On Chennai Super Kings (Mangalam Maloo)

Stock Analysis: Cupid Ltd (Dinesh Sairam)

How Beardo disrupted the men’s grooming market (Forbes)

Believer Vs Skeptic (Anand Sridharan)

Saving early Vs Saving late (Prashanth Krish)

Why markets don’t seem to care if economy sinks (Barry Ritholtz)


Linkfest: 04 August, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Russia sets mass vaccination for October (NYTimes)

India-China border faceoff intensifies (BS)

Ambanization of Nifty 50 (Nooresh)

Garware casts its net wide (Fortune)

Profile : Rebel Foods (Forbes)

On Sovereign Gold Bonds (FE)

Why Microsoft wants TikTok (Verge)

The most lopsided days (Irrelevant Investor)

Off the Charts (Barry Ritholtz)

On framing bias (TRB)


Linkfest: 03 August, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

July sales hint at auto sector revival (Hindu)

Mumbai property registration gathers pace (ET)

WhatsApp a step closer to pay play (Mint)

Interview with Biocon Biologics CFO Chinappa MB (FE)

Meet Sharad Shah, Short Seller (Santosh Nair)

Contrarian Investing in Cyclicals (Jiten Parmar)

Stock Analysis: Honeywell Automation India Ltd (Dr Vijay Malik)

Its August.Now What? (Michael Santoli)

On SPACs (Howard Lindzon)

The dethroning of the US $ (Katusa)