Linkfest: May 30, 2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

RERA may put 75% real estate brokers out of work (Mint)

Modi Govt declares war on NPAs  (ET)

Nagpur is now the Electric Car Capital of India (Swarajya)

RBI cracks the Da Vinci code of Indian Banking (Tamal)

Indian Tech Giant warns Trump to hurt industry (Bloomberg)

Stock Markets: A Bull on Steroids (Bala)

In Conversation with S Naren (Morningstar)

Pharma Industry-What to do now? (Subramoney)

Innovation won’t overcome stagnation (Satyajit Das)

50 Best Investing Blogs on the planet (Acquirers)

Linkfest: May 29,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Top NSE officials under scanner (MC)

RCom is screwed (ET)

Govt is willing to completely exit Air India (BS)

EPFO to invest 20,000 Crores in Equities in FY18 (Quint)

The rise of Baba Ramdev (Reuters)

Company Profile: Trident (OB)

Stock Analysis: Omkar Speciality Chemicals (Dr.Vijay Malik)

Whom to ask for a tip? (Subramoney)

The Tech Valuation Question (Marc Andreessen)

How to lose 40% in a day (Pension Partners)

Linkfest: May 11, 2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Sensex hits all time high (ET)

The Dalal Street party is getting a little wild (Mint)

Confessions of a Stock Picker (Swanand Kelkar)

Wonderla Holidays & Fake News (RJ)

Who Wins?The Businessman or the Investor? (Bala)

RERA todeliver a debt blow to developers (BS)

7 Reasons to open a PPF account (Morningstar)

Into the teeth of the next bear (TRB)

Commodity Investing-What is it all about? (MrZepczynski)

Research: Does the Magic Formula work globally? (SSRN)

Linkfest: May 10, 2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Wipro’s Layoff Plan (New Democrats)

Interview with Adi Godrej (MC)

Company Profile : La Opala (Forbes)

RBI puts IDBI Bank under watch (Mint)

Indigo to tap into Govt’s Udan scheme (Quint)

Are private banks really that much better? (Ruma)

How did that demonetisation work for you? (Tony Joseph)

Your birth year has a large impact on your investment results (ODD)

Let’s talk about expert predictions (Prag Cap)

Rebalancing (A VC)

Linkfest: May 09, 2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

S Chand to make stock market debut today (BS)

Singh brothers to seek 250 Rs/share for Fortis (Mint)

Aadhar based smartphones are here (FE)

All time high- Time to sell? (Subramoney)

Dawn of the rate hawks in India (Bloomberg)

My friend is beating me (Irrelevant Investor)

My frustrating experience with Max Life Insurance (Vipin)

The downside of financial independence (FS)

Notes from New York Sohn Conference (Part I & Part II)

Wall Street’s favorite show (WP)