Linkfest : 03 December, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

Concerns over list of Investors of Yes Bank (Mint)

$ 14 Billion loans to builders under severe stress ( BS )

NCLT admits DHFL for bankruptcy proceedings ( ET )

Foreign Investors bring cheer to Equity Markets ( FE )

Thoughts on NPA ( Jana)

Which PSU stocks should investors buy? (OB)

Is EPF/PPF alone sufficient for retirement planning? ( Free Fincal )

The Chart Albert Edwards is watching ( Zero Hedge)

How to read ( Morgan Housel )

Notes on Vinod Sethi’s session at Value Investing Pioneers (CFA Society)

Linkfest: 02 December, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Telcos up rates by 40-50% (ET)

Karvy crisis deepens (Mint)

India’s fertilizer drain: Urea of darkness (FE)

GST Collections in Nov cross 1 Lakh Cr (BS)

The great Indian counterfeit market (Outlook)

The fake Indian trading geniuses on Twitter (Passive Fool)

The delusion of Alpha (Index Heads)

Presentation: Learnings from my investment career (S Naren)

Trader Profile : Vishal Mehta (MC)

Video: Global Macro in an uncertain world (Dr. Amlan Roy)