Linkfest: April 24,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Modi earthquake in pharma (Sunil C)

What markets should conclude from France’s election (El Erian)

US accuses TCS, Infy of violating H1-B visa norms (MC)

3 stock themes that will make money (Saurabh Mukherjea)

New India Assurance,GIC hires merchant bankers (Mint)

NSE to delist 19 companies (BL)

US stocks should ‘terrify’ Janet Yellen (Paul Tudor Jones)

Angel investor Mahesh Murthy turns out to be a sexual pervert (FD)

Why more Indians will be buying gold this Akshaya Tritiya (BS)

Why the cost of living will plummet in the next 20 years (SH)

Top Clicks on Alpha Ideas This Week

Here are the most clicked on items this week on Alpha Ideas :

Hindustan Unilever is pure evil (AI)

Interview with Vijay Kedia (AI)

Howard Marks: The truth about investing (AI)

This trader lost 24L in 5 minutes (Rediff)

10 Types of investors in Indian markets (Vijay Pahwa)

Journey of Radhakishan Damani (ET)

Interview with Prof. Sanjay Bakshi (Fundoo Prof)

How to bet on India’s defense spending spree (Bloomberg)

100 Tesla Giga Factories can power the entire world (AI)

LIC Cheques are bouncing (AI)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: April 21,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Who lost Kashmir? (Open)

The real problem in Kashmir-Islamisation (Minhaz Merchant)

Mark Zuckerberg just signed the death warrant for smartphones (Futurism)

What Ukraine’s Jews fear (NYTimes)

Sonu spanking once again (Great Bong)

Teacher sells her jewellery for a better classroom (BI)

Bollywood & the business of secularism (Hindu)

History : Sheikh Abdullah-The first stone pelter of Kashmir (NewsnViews)

Lenin & the Russian Spark (New Yorker)

Lack of grace while traveling (J Mathrubootham)

To Mangalore in an Ambassador (Team BHP)

24 Hours in Tokyo (Lux Travel)

Kid packing essentials for family vacation (T&L)

Gossip: Why SM Krishna joined BJP (Gossip Guru)

16 Traditional Mango Recipes (NatGeo)