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Sell Side Research:Motilal Oswal says Sell SAIL

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What was that again?

“Its a wake-up call, a shock.But it could be predicted considering that there is no positive news or action from the government.It reminds me of the crisis India faced in 1990-91.It (government) needs to change its thinking that India will grow at 6-7%, whatever happens. That is no longer true. Retrograde amendments, delay in policy making, telecom spectrum pricing—there is virtually something of concern across every sector causing negative perception. It’s time for reform.”said Harish Mariwala, Chairman of Marico Ltd reacting to the poor GDP numbers


Linkfest:June 1, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

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India now a ‘gasping’ elephant (FinancialExpress)

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F&O Series Analysis

May 2012 F&O Series Analysis

A brief analysis of the May 2012 F&O Series (26 April 2012-31 May 2012)

Nifty Stocks:

# of Advances:14

# of Declines:36

Top 3 Gainers:AsianPaint(15.4%),BPCL (5.5%), IDFC (4.7%)

Top 3 Losers: TATAMotors(-25.4%),Maruti (-20.4%),HeroMotors(-15.7%)

F&O Stocks:

# of Advances:39

# of Declines:176

Top 3 Gainers:AsianPaint(15.4%),MindTree(13%),DivisLab(12.7%)

Top 3 Losers:NCC(-38.74%),IVRCLInfra(-36.2%),Orchidchem(-33.74%)

Chart Observations

Chart:Unemployment in the US is scary

One big reason the US FED won’t raise interest rates anytime soon (Hattip Krugman)