The Korean answer to Rowdy Rathore !!


Linkfest:Aug 22, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

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Buffett’s Alpha (Yale)

Birds, bees and decoy effects (PsyFi)

Paul Ryan and Hayek Vs Rand (FT)

Henry Rollin’s 3 Rules for Success (BigThink)


What was that again?

“The unabashed, vulgar indulgence in conspicuous consumption by the noveau-riche has left the underclass seething in frustration. One half of our society guzzles aerated beverages, while the other has to make do with palmfuls of muddied water”-said President Narayanan in his speech to the nation on 25 Jan, 2000


Linkfest:August 21, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

SEBI has crafted an astute incentive system (ET)

Diesel price hike in two months (FE)

FAQs on Qualified Foreign Investors (SEBI)

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Investors in Adani Power and Reliance Power blasted (Gaurav)

NBCC:Fantastic business and sitter valuation but… (NeerajMarathe)

Another Marwari lesson (OneMint)

Does your wife have insurance? (AnandVijayKumar)


Sunday Reads:19 Aug, 2012

Some offbeat Sunday Reads:

What to do if your house catches fire (TeamBHP)

Travelogue:Rhino & Lion Park-Johannesburg (Ghumakkar)

Book Review:Rebounders (Idreambooks)

Movie Review:Ek tha tiger (RajeevMasand)

Afghanistan and the Taliban (Economist)

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28 places to see before you die (Smithsonian)