Linkfest:Nov 15,2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Stockguru fraudster made his mother believe he was dead (TOI)

2G auction flops (Mint)

Ground report on Bal Thackeray (IndiaToday)

I am Uncle Sam and I am debtoholic (Bloomberg)

Mulling a moronic money losing market meme (TRB)

Has the 200 Day average rule stopped working? (MarketWatch)

Warning from Jeremy Grantham (BusinessInsider)

The Aha moments that made Y Combinator possible (FastCompany)

The market for squirrel catchers (DailyReckoning)

Photos:Venice under water (Atlantic)

Linkfest:Nov 14,2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

India to celebrate a ‘Made in China’ Diwali (WSJ)

Broking houses to give a miss to Diwali bonus (ET)

Stock Guru involved in 500 Crore fraud (FE)

Academic Dream Team helped Obama’s effort (NYTimes)

Playing the victim after getting caught (MoneyLife)

Google has officially eaten the newspaper industry (Slate)

A better way than buy and hold (DailyReckoning)

Hedge fund returns lag but pay rises (AICIO)

Why a quant model’s success fades over time (Morningstar)

Easy way to minimize drawdowns (Darvas)

Avoid moving money from the many to the few (ZikomoLetter)