The old order changeth.Cognizant overtakes Infy

Cognizant is now the second largest IT player after TCS displacing Infosys.

For Infosys, which at one time, stood poised to overtake TCS, this is a bitter pill to swallow.

But for longtime Infy watchers, this was not a surprise.

Many watched in aghast as Promoters played “Pass the Parcel” with the CEO position.It seemed that they had decided in advance the sequence in which each promoter would become the CEO.Top class insiders such as Phaneesh Murthy and Mohandas Pai were jettisoned so that the promoters could continue at the helm of affairs.

While Kamath’s elevation as the Chairman of the Infy board was a welcome move, having Kris as Co-chair defeated the purpose of having an aggressive wise Chairman.It was almost like the Infy promoters were afraid of what Kamath would do and wanted Kris to keep a check on him.

For years, analysts, shareholders and well-wishers had wanted Infy to do something with its cash pile.of now 3.8 Billion $. But the company has remained mum.Insiders mention that every month, there are targets put up for acquisition but the management finds one excuse or the other to postpone the purchase.

Compare this policy with that of Kumarmangalam Birla who has acquired  22 companies in the last 15 years resulting in increasing the revenues by 15x.

Its clear that Infy is now run by tired old men with tired old ideas.Its time Kamath took charge and gave the management team something he is famous for-a good old fashioned kick in the ass.



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