Linkfest:Nov 21, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Ajmal Kasab hanged (DNA)

Amul’s Gen-Next farmers (BusinessLine)

Why Chembur,Wadala and Ulwe are hot investments in Mumbai (Firstpost)

Why Phaneesh Murthy’s iGate story fails to impress (ET)

Reebok India:Fake sales and secret depots (Mint)

The IRR of UIDAI is over 50% (AjayShah)

Jeremy Grantham’s latest letter (GMO)

Japan’s exports reach three year low (Bloomberg)

Another overnight return puzzle (Falkenblog)

Sex sells Japanese Govt bonds (BigPicture)

Linkfest: Nov 20, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Was Ponty Chadha, brother shot by a third group? (TOI)

Test of freedom of speech in India (WSJ)

India is JP Morgan’s top BRIC market for 2013 (ET)

A robotic threat to outsourcing (Mint)

Tata Global falls on Morgan Stanley downgrade (BS)

Soros buying gold (Bloomberg)

Treasure hunters are still after these lost fortunes (Climateer)

When business models trump technology (HBR)

Lockup expiration and stock prices (AswathDamodaran)

Twinkie Investing-Sweet but unhealthy (InvestingCaffeine)

What is a real job?

In the old days, you went to work when the sun came up and you left to head home when the sun came down. Your wife packed your lunch and your relationship with your kids was a cursory grunting in their general direction on your nightly trek between the garage and whichever piece of living room furniture housed your liquor bottles. You did this for 25 years until “the workplace injury” and then you did it another 10. Then you were finished working and lived off the disability checks along with the fading hope that, at some point each week, the kids were going to call to say hi.

And then you fucking died and that was the end of it.

-Josh Brown in TRB

The portfolio of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is a well known investor who makes frequent media appearances.

He invests in his name, his wife Rekha’s name and his Rare group of companies.

His portfolio (as from stock exchanges websites) is given below:

Comp Name # of Shares %
Hind Oil Exploration 4785143 3.67
ION Exchage 875000 6.44
Rallis India 17607820 9.05
VIP Inds. 10077500 7.13
Orchid Chem. &Pharma 900000 1.28
Alphageo India 125000 2.32
Adinath Exim Resourc 166345 4.05
Subex 1250000 1.8
Provogue India 2010000 1.76
Karur Vysya Bank 4034257 3.76
Reliance Broadcast 1750000 2.2
Prozone Capital Shop 2687201 1.76
NCC 19500000 7.6
Geometric 990000 1.58
Aptech 17056936 34.96

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