Linkfest:Nov 28, 2012

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Indian journalists held for Jindal group extortion (BBC)

India, China have new territorial beef (WSJ)

Interview with Parle’s Chauhan (Mint)

Why the market is in love with J&K Bank (BS)

Crisis could cause Balkanization of Europe (Bloomberg)

Muddy Waters issues critical Olam report (FT)

Book Review:Tap Dancing to work (JeffMatthews)

Shanghai stock exchange closes at 4 year low (Climateer)

The London almanack revisited (NihonCassandra)

After the fat lady sings (FistfulofEuros)

Linkfest:Nov 27, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Rupee plunges to two month low (BusinessLine)

India’s Aakash, now Made in China (NYTimes)

India outsourcing failure blames for $ 2.3 Billion loss (ET)

FIIs are investing in India, should you ? (Mint)

Don’t buy HDFC Crest (CapitalMind)

Buffett: A minimum tax for the wealthy (NYTimes)

An ode to the short term trader (Zenpenny)

Investors don’t want their hedge funds to get caught insider trading (Dealbreaker)

DeMark Fibonacci charts lure investors (Bloomberg)

Bayesian unreason in the modern world (Psyfitec)