Linkfest:July 11, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Reliance Power gets $1.1 Billion loan from China (WSJ)

Slump in IT leaves engineers with no work (ET)

Case for consolidation for small brokers (Mint)

MCX receives green signal for equity trading (BS)

US broker freezes customer funds after founder attempts suicide (Reuters)

Propping up the gold price (Alphaville)

Five things you need to know about market liquidity (Ivanhoff)

Totally addicted to debt (Psy Fi)

What was that again?

Conversation between a journalist and Sri Lankan Defence Minister Gotabaya Rajapaksa

J: I have decided to hold the story but I want you to know that I am not doing so because you threatened me yesterday…

GR: Yes I threatened you. Your type of journalists are pigs who eat shit! Pigs who eat shit! Shit, Shit Shit journalists!!! Ninety percent of the people in this country hate you! They hate you!!! You come for a function where I am and I will tell people this is the Editor of The Sunday Leader and ninety percent there will show that they hate you.


J: I don’t think so.

GR:  You don’t? That is your ego!! You are a shit, shit journalist. A f…..g shit. A pig who eats shit! I will go to courts!!! I will not withdraw the case on the MIG deal – this is how you wrote…


J: I had nothing to do with that story so I cannot comment.

GR: But I will put you in jail! You shit journalist trying to split this country – trying to show otherwise from true Sinhala Buddhists!! You are helped by the US Ambassador, NGOs and Paikiasothy – they pay you!!!


J: I wish.

GR: You pig that eats shit!!! You shit shit dirty f…..g journalist!!!


J: I hope you can hear yourself Mr. Rajapaksa.

GR: People will kill you!!!  People hate you!!! They will kill you!!!


J: On your directive?

GR: What?? No. Not mine. But they will kill you – you dirty f…..g shit journalist.