Weekend Mega Linkfest:Nov 23,2012

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend:

Its time for Obama to bite the hedge fund sharks (NewYorker)

Mumbai after Thackeray (Open)

Why the existence of Pakistan is not in India’s interest (IDR)

The Deccan revolts (OutlookIndia)

500 Dalit homes burnt in Tamil Nadu (Tehelka)

Now showing Modi in 3D (NewsLaundry)

Time is running out for Sunil Mittal (ForbesIndia)

Funny facts from the mutual fund factsheet (MoneyLife)

Kashmiri Pandits were offered three choices (IDR)

Chimps and orangutans have midlife crises (Smithsonian)

The Expendables:The French Foreign Legion (VanityFair)

Anshu Jain gets silent treatment (Businessweek)

In search of the magical penis thieves (Harpers)

Unraveling the internet’s oldest mystery (DailyDot)

Time and light in Shyam Benegal’s Trikaal (JaiArjun)

Obituary:Bal Thackeray (Economist)

Spoof:Manmohan Singh realizes he is the PM after watching TV (UnrealTimes)

Fiction: Bull by Mo Yan (NewYorker)

Auto Review: Honda Amaze 1.5L diesel (TeamBHP)

Movie Review:The gorgeous Life of Pi is transcendent (Edelstein)

Linkfest:Nov 23, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Is it time to look at sugar stocks?(MoneyControl)

India probes Cadbury for tax evasion (WSJ)

A tale of two battery makers (Mint)

PSU Banks:Time to cherry pick? (BS)

Using Google calendar to track your monthly payments (OneMint)

Husband to pay maintenance even if he is jobless:High Court (FE)

The 3 Million $ house in Vancouver (DailyReckoning)

Things could be better at SAC Capital (Dealbreaker)

Here’s whats going on (BusinessInsider)

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