The true story of the horror at Mangalore

As I was calling PSI and my friend, my cameraman was doing his duty. By the time, two more journalists, cameraman Sharan from local cable network and photographer Krishna, came to the spot. I was helplessly witnessing the horror. I was completely helpless. More than half of the attackers were completely drunk. I was requesting them not to attack and they were in no condition to listen my words. “Yeh… please don’t beat them… Don’t beat the girls. Please.. Please…” These loud requesting words of mine were just recorded in the video footage, but not in the hearts or minds of the drunken attackers.

The world must have seen violence of different kinds. I had so far heard about such horrors, but for the first time in my life witnessed them. Really horrible. The victims were pleading with folded hands and body, just as pleading before the God. “Please don’t beat us. We are friends and celebrating birthday party. We are not doing anything else. Please… Please… Please…”

The hard hearted attackers didn’t spare anybody. Four people were kicking and hitting hard one guy. Terrified girls were running around and the attackers were chasing them. Believe it or not, one girl jumped from first floor and around twenty attackers on the ground kicked her hard. Couple of guys slapped her with force. Her cloths were torn apart. Meanwhile another girl wearing pink dress was attacked by the mob. Her cloths were almost completely taken off making her almost naked. The attackers were deliberately touching her private parts. All these scenes were not shot. I saw such a horror for the first time in my life. Then all the victims were locked inside a room. All this happened within a short span of time, say 15 minutes. Everything was over.

After first phase of attack was over, Police Sub Inspector Raveesh Nayak, Police Inspector Munikanta Neelaswamy came to the spot along with some police constables. The point to be noted here is that the behaviors of the police and the attackers were indicating something wrong. The police personal seemed to have been in contact all through. I was really surprised that instead of arresting the attackers, the police were in friendly discussion with the attackers, for more than 30 minutes! One guy who was among the victims was trying to run away, but the police caught him and the attackers brutally beaten him up in front of the police!

By then, some more cameramen had arrived. I came to my office along with my cameramen and uplinked all the visuals to Bangalore head office. The news was aired immediately. All the national news-channels took our footage and the report and aired thus making it national news within minutes.

Enraged with this, Mangalore city Police Commissioner Seemant Kumar Singh called Rajesh Rao, my friend and the reporter of TV-9 news channel. I was with Rajesh Rao when the Commissioner called and the Rajesh put the mobile phone on loudspeaker mode so that we both could listen to the conversation. The Commissioner was saying: “Why did Naveen air this news? Doesn’t he have sisters? Doesn’t he beat them and is that aired on TV? I will see him. He has alleged that Taliban culture is deep rooted in Mangalore. He compared the incident with Assam incident while airing the news live. I won’t spare him this time. I will fix him in this case. Yea.. I do fix him however influence he may have…” What all the Police Commissioner meant was that brutally beating the boys and girls was not a big issue at all, but shooting and airing that beating scene was a big crime.

wrote eyewitness Reporter Naveen Sorinje

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