Ravneet Gill: Hand on Heart

Today, CNBC tweeted the following tweet

Exactly a month back on 17 May, 2019, CNBC had asked him the same Question to get a different answer

Latha Venkatesh: The market will want to know the capital plans.

Ravneet Gill: Yes

Latha Venkatesh: So can you give us a timeline? Are you sure you will be able to bring in the capital by July, August, September…what have you given yourself?

Ravneet Gill: Er, I….Latha, Hand on Heart, I think it will be a lot earlier than that.

The Anil Ambani Show

Yesterday, Anil Ambani had a conference call where he briefed the media. There was no Q& A.

The full media release can be seen here

What I found most interesting was that nobody is willing to lend to an Ambani !

This media release lead to even more questions…..

And today, Investors got the shock of their life when they learnt the statutory auditors of Reliance Capital have resigned

Grab your popcorn folks, picture abhi baki hain !