Alpha Ideas Featured

Michael Johnston of Poseidon Financial has put together a list of the best emerging markets sites for investors.

Alpha Ideas has featured on the list with the following description:

Alpha Ideas is run by a Mumbai-based investor and maintains a focus on Indian stock markets. The site is updated at least daily with new free content, and also produces a paid quarterly newsletter. Although there is definitely a focus on Indian stocks, this site isn’t exclusively Indian; some of the content focuses on other markets or simply high-level investing strategy and wisdom.

As the author of this site acknowledges, Alpha Ideas is typically forecast-free — you won’t find many buy / sell recommendations here. There’s still tremendous value in following because the author does an excellent job of cultivating links and videos that provide great information about the Indian stock market (and global markets in general). The daily Alpha Ideas Linkfest is an absolute must-read; it will turn you on to great emerging markets content from around the Web that you’d never find otherwise.

You can follow Alpha Ideas on Twitter and sign up for a free newsletter on the site.


How Rajdeep Sardesai,Shireen Bhan got ‘briefed” by Nira Radia

The context is the Reliance Gas case and how Manoj Modi/Nira Radia did the rounds of CNN-IBN/CNBC TV 18 to brief them


Alpha Ideas finds a mention in Mint Newspaper

Mint Newspaper carried an article today on the Deloitte Fiasco.

In the article, they mentioned the blog :

Investment blog said, “The message to investors in Indian equities is clear: Believe audited accounts at your own peril.”



AlphaIdeas Media

Alpha Ideas finds a mention in MoneyLife Magazine

Moneylife is one of India’s leading personal finance and investment magazines.

Yesterday, they did a story on Sanjay Dangi’s portfolio stocks.

Alpha Ideas finds a mention in the story and is described as “an excellent blog on Indian stocks”