Linkfest: May 24, 2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

The hunt for great Indian Companies (Saurabh Mukherjea)

Wealthy investors left with little with Ujjivan,Thyrocare listings (BS)

Fed Hike is likely in June/July (Tim Duy)

Mutual Funds that gave the highest returns (MyInvestmentIdeas)

Cinepolis enters the multiplex business in India (OB)

How Bajaj Finserv became a financial powerhouse (Forbes)

Modi’s Shuttle blastsĀ into Elon Musk’s Race for Space (Bloomberg)

Eager to be wrong (Farnam Street)

6 Lessons I learned in an Investment Office (II)

Warren Buffett on scheduling meetings (SignalVNoise)

Linkfest:May 23,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

India Post Payments Bank by 2017 (FE)

The Ujjivan Story (Mint)

Godrej Group to become $10 Billion entity by 2020 (BS)

Are 100 Crore Movies lucrative? (Vivek Kaul)

Karvy’s stock ideas (ET)

Prof Bakshi’s picks get hammered (RJ)

Past Performance and Future Expectations (Prashanth)

How to spot bargains-Graham style (Tankrich)

4 Men, 4 Numbers (Esquire)

How to use Contrast Effect to make money in the markets (AA)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: May 20,2016

Some off-beat reads for the weekend:

The myth of “Hindu Terror” (Rupa Subramanya)

How RSS saffronised Assam (Shekhar Gupta)

Scenes from the Bengal Election (Great Bong)

Amma & Didi (Outlook)

Congress:The Alice in Wonderland (Swarajya)

How NDTV creates false headlines (OpIndia)

Punjab now has the world’s biggest rooftop solar plant (BI)

A multi-million tailoring business from India (Forbes)

The # 1 Financial Regret for older Americans (Smart Money)

Secret tunnel found in Mexico (Smithsonian)

How democracy is changing Myanmar’s skyline (Guardian)

How to toast in 20 different languages (Life Hacker)

5 people who live by Wanderlust (NatGeo)

How Anant Ambani lost 108 kilos (BI)

Gossip:Tall Claims of Robert Vadra (Gossip Guru)

Linkfest: May 20,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

India’s equity returns story (Akash Prakash)

Screws on P-Notes tightened (BL)

The world’s largest momentum strategy (Common Sense)

HSBC to close half of India branches (Bloomberg)

MidCap stocks for 2020 (Spark Capital)

Investing in debt funds-An insider’s perspective (Vipin)

The return of the Gulf Malayalee (Mint)

Overconfident Enemy in the Mirror (Swedroe)

Return Seasonalities are everywhere (AA)

How to stack the odds in your favor (II)

Linkfest: May 19,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

PNB creates history by having largest loss in Indian Banking (Mint)

Parag Milk to list today (Hindu)

Faltering overseas demand for India debt (Bloomberg)

Jaiprakash Gaur on his life and work (OB)

Research Report:Indian Pharma (Motilal Oswal)

Nestle 2.0:Back to Basics with a new strategy (Forbes)

Stan Druckenmiller Presentation:”This is the Endgame” (ZeroHedge)

How epic fortunes were created during California gold rush (Priceonomics)

Why diamonds could be a better investment than gold (FE)

When Keynes gave up on market timing (Climateer)