Linkfest: January 15,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

The worst investment Jim Rogers ever made (NYPost)

CCD gives final touches to listing plans (Mint)

Secret to Baba Ramdev’s 2,000 Crore empire (Firstpost)

Rising institutional participation boosts algo trades (BS)

Buying ITC instead of cigarettes (Prashant)

DIY Vs Delgate (A VC)

Fear and loathing in Paris (Bill Bonner)

Silicon Wadi grows up (Financialist)

Why you should buy the most “despised” company in America (Market Watch)

Jeff Gundlach’s 2015 outlook (BI)

Linkfest: January 14,2015

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Oil drops below $ 45 (Bloomberg)

Top 10 stock picks for 2015 from Top 10 stock pickers (RJ)

Max India heading for a split (ET)

FII stake in top Indian firms continues to rise (Mint)

AMCs to discontinue dividend reinvestment option (BS)

Current economic situation (Virmani)

Global marcro update (ShortSideOfLong)

Sipping Gold Vs Sipping Nifty (Prashant)

Losses are expensive (Subramoney)

What do we ‘know’ about investing but can’t prove it with stats (Michael)

Linkfest:January 13,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Top 10 stocks that can give you 40% return in 2015 (ET)

Public Sector Banks can’t be fixed (Mint)

Plunging oil-What the past tells us (Barrons)

Latest stock pick of Prof. Sanjay Bakshi (RJ)

Top 5 Commodity Trades of 2015 (ETF)

CAGR Vs IRR (FreeFinCal)

Its amateur hour in China’s booming stock market (Bloomberg)

A dozen things I have learned from Tom Murphy (25IQ)

Seven golden rules of investing (Telegraph)

The perils of market timing (Brooklyn Investor)

Linkfest:Jan 12,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

A TCS staffer records her termination interview (SoundCloud)

Can Gujarat GIFT India a global finance center? (Mint)

Eicher Motors:Bullet Raja (Outlook Business)

IDFC Sec: Sharada Cropchem is a buy (Dead President)

Wealth Creation:Important tricks that people miss (Subramoney)

The biggest investment mistakes (BeyondProxy)

Advice on how to become a Research Analyst (CFAInstitute)

Facts and fantasies about commodities (Reuters)

Beating the stock market has become even harder (MarketWatch)

John Paulson hit by 2014 losses (Bloomberg)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: Jan 09,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Aamir Khan’s PK collected 300 Crores.Really ? (Moneylife)

Arun Jaitley:Growth Sutra 2015 (Open)

Among the believers in Pakistan (Bhutto)

We are not all Charlie (Atlantic)

The truth about independent consulting (Forbes)

The man to take on Putin (NewYorker)

The man who is going after Amazon (BusinessWeek)

Meeting Adil Hussain (JaiArjun)

Travelogue: Stunning Sandakphu (TeamBHP)

The price of oil in 2015 (Jim O’Neil)

On Dhoni (Great Bong)

Ridiculing National Security (Indian Defence Review)

The impact of Anand Mahindra’s Nanhi Kali project (Forbes India)

The untold story of a failed startup (Rodinhoods)

Samsung gets mugged in Android Land (Bloomberg)