Linkfest : 03 April, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

PM Modi plans staggered exit from the lockdown ( FE )

Corona has pushed Bharat to the brink ( Mint )

Inside India’s race to make lakhs of ventilators ( Forbes )

Oil prices spike by 25% ( CNN )

What were your lessons during the 2008 Crash ? ( Nigel DSouza )

Thoughts on the markets ( Basant Maheshwari )

How the US should tackle Covid-19 ( Bill Gates )

Luckin Coffee turns out to be a gigantic fraud ( IBD )

When Dollar Cost Averaging matters the most ( Common Sense )

The Shock Cycle ( Morgan Housel )


Linkfest : 02 April, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

Customers worry over moratorium ( Mint )

Why the global recession could last a long time ( NY Times )

Startups brace for layoffs ( BS )

Boost, Horlicks are now HUL brands ( BL )

Interview with Samit Vartak ( BQ )

Steve Cohen doubts this is the bottom ( ZH )

The real sting of this market crash ( MF Critic )

The financial world is a dangerous place ( T N Ninan )

Why stock markets did not decline during Spanish Flu ( Prof Robert Shiller )

Gold Prices – Calm before the storm? ( UK Investing )


Linkfest: 31 March, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

No extension of the Financial Year (IT)

Interview with Rajiv Bajaj (BS)

Lockdown hits power demand (Mint)

Virus devastates the Poultry industry (OB)

Contagion in India’s banking sector (Forbes)

Watch what the Chinese do (Bronte Capital)

The US 2020 deficit will explode to 18% (Morgan Stanley)

Alpha is truly ‘fleeting’ (Barry Ritholtz)

Revolutionary Electric Car battery from BYD (ATimes)

Berkshire Hathway & the Coronavirus crash (Rational Walk)


Linkfest: 30 March, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

RBI’s Bazooka gets muted response from markets (BS)

FPIs pull out 1 Lakh Crores in March (FE)

Oil rich wealth funds selling stocks (CNBC)

How is my personal money invested? (Radhika Gupta)

Market Meltdown, the Virus and our Actionables (Value Pickr)

ITC- Is ‘Capital Misallocation’ a Narrative Fallacy or Reality? (Ahmed Madha)

How I managed my portfolio in the crisis (Bill Ackman)

Long Toilet Paper, short Equities (Behavioral Investment)

Managing Capital in a downturn (AM)

Its Over (Daily Reckoning)


Weekend Mega Linkfest : 27 March, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend :

Why flattening the curve is overrated ( Pensford )

How does the Corona Virus behave inside the patient ? ( New Yorker )

The curious age discrimination of Corona Virus ( Spectator )

China’s strategic assessment of India ( WarOnTheRocks )

On the removal of Xi Jinping ( Breitbart )

Conspiracy Theory on Covid-19 ( Al Skander )

Can we forgive China? ( Brahma Chellaney )

Why the world should not interfere in India’s internal affairs ( Kanwal Sibal )

What will Iran do ? ( TOI )

Pakistan : Corona Virus Vs ‘Faith’ ( Naila Inayat )

Can India replace China as a manufacturing powerhouse? ( SCMP )

How V K Pandian controls Odisha’s Babudom ( Outlook )

When memories are 90% good ( J Mathrubootham )

Lessons from the Bubonic Plague of 1896 ( LHI )

Wine is going out of style – in France ( Spectrum )