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Linkfest:24 April,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Car Parking as an investment option (IndianRealEstateForum)

Shriram-Piramal Deal (ET)

Mallya’s Mangalore Chemicals set for takeover battle (Mint)

Taj can keep Mansingh (FE)

Property Funds sharpen focus on big cities (BS)

A introduction to investing in 400 words (RPSeaWright)

3 Reasons not to trade while traveling (Unwired)

Jackfruit heralded as ‘miracle’ fruit (Guardian)

Sell in May and go away-I say no way (Prashant)

What a hedge fund failure looks like (AllAboutAlpha)

Linkfest: April 23,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How Rs.2 Lakh property grew to Rs.2 Crore (TOI)

Traders turn bullish on Reliance (ET)

‘RIL a victim of honey trap’ (BS)

Gold or land or equity? (Mint)

Americans think owing a home is better for them than it actually is (WP)

The Ubiquity of “Lost Decades” (RPSeaWright)

Why Indexes are Capitalization Weighted (Aleph)

The Pope as a turnaround CEO (Economist) (Hat Tip Mangala Pruthi)

Crucifying India (MediaCrooks)

30 Most Dangerous Myths about Money & Investing (SafalNiveshak)

Linkfest:22 April,2014

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Whats your reference point while investing? (CommonSense)

ICICI Bank hits 6 year high (FE)

RIL’s telecom splurge worrying analysts (BS)

Two Centuries of Trend Following (Climateer)

The 4 Ps of Modi’s marketing (FirstBiz)

CNBC Awaaz carries rumors of KPIT’s acquisition (CapitalMind)

Excuses for not investing (Subramoney)

Stay away when banks sell you insurance products (BasuNivesh)

Parallels between great investors and a renowned Sushi chef (MarketFolly)

US Congress’s misguided crusade against India (DailyCaller)

Linkfest:April 21,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

The re-education of a brash young stock picker (NYTimes)

Why RBI gave only two new bank licenses (Mint)

HDFC Bank may fall on MSCI Weight loss (ET)

Hidden story of the Barmer property boom (BS)

News Traders and Interviews (MediaCrooks)

The rise and fall of gold (Bloomberg)

US Mutual Funds are investing in unlisted tech companies (Quartz)

Is India about to elect its Reagan (Hindu)

My time on the Sell Side (CommonSense)

“Over the long term” doesn’t mean “always” (Bason)

Weekend Mega Linkfest:17 April,2014

Some off beat reads for the long weekend :

Mrs.Vadra is in trouble and she knows it (NitiCentral)

The agony of being M Kurananidhi (Open)

Pakistan considers life next to a Modi led India (Outlook)

The hard won victories of Mamata Bannerjee (Caravan)

Reliance Life’s murky business practices (MoneyLife)

The spectacular failure of the company that was going to change the world (FastCompany)

The problem with profit less startups (NYMag)

Why Viral Fever is the funniest comedy channel in India (MumbaiBoss)

A Desi living in Germany (TeamBHP)

Death of democracy in Gurgaon (Kafila)

How to raise money (PaulGraham)

Putin’s new kind of war (Slate)

How did Yahoo’s fired COO get $58 Million?Good Timing (BusinessWeek)

The Man behind Dam Dam Mast Qalandar (Dawn)

Analysis of Modi’s Aap Ki Adalat interview (Newslaundry)