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Weekend Mega Linkfest: Aug 01,2014

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Mukesh Ambani-An unloved billionaire (Economist)

Disgruntled and Dangerous (Open)

Disillusioned with the rat race (Newslaundry)

Psychological issues at mid career (ForbesIndia)

A Two-Two as Army Chief (IDR)

Ten curious facts about octopuses (Smithsonian)

An interview with Hamas’s Khaled Meshaal (Bloomberg)

Qatar-The dishonest broker (ForeignAffairs)

Libya-The consequences of dreams (NewYorker)

Saharanpur-Heroes and Villains (MediaCrooks)

A South Korean Tycoon’s downfall (NYTimes)

How to cover communal riots in India (UnrealTimes)

What are the hottest startups as of Jan 2014? (Quora)

An ideological history of the Muslim League (Dawn)

Movie Review:A Kick to your brain (Heartranjan)

Linkfest: 01 August,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Amul 2.0 (ET)

Is it time to increase your equity allocation? (Mint)

Mutual Funds join FII led Dalal Street party (BS)

IDFC Bank’s strategy (BL)

Tax Deferral is a brillaint tax saving strategy (Subramoney)

When entertainment passes for investment advice (Bloomberg)

Popular stocks stink (Patrick)

Value Investing:Can you withstand the pain? (AlphaArchitect)

You really can create money out of thin air (Climateer)

Investment Outlook by Bill Gross (Pimco)

Linkfest:July 31, 2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Retro Tax shocks Private Equity Funds (ET)

What is the best way to teach your child to invest? (MebFaber)

Why buy stocks when you can put your money in wine? (BL)

What Flipkart’s soaring valuations means for investors (Mint)

Refund or give other flats to buyers:SC to Supertech (BS)

Should you invest in mutual fund NFOs ? (ApnaPlan)

Bank Fixed Deposit-What happens if you do not renew or withdraw it (BasuNivesh)

There’s always a divergence (TRB)

Arnab’s Fatwa:No Hindus in Muslim areas (MediaCrooks)

The gold standard was an accident of history (MacroMarketMusings)

The changing structure of VC industry (Medium)

Linkfest:July 30,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

SpiceJet woes mount (FirstBiz)

Options dwindle for Jignesh Shah (Mint)

Tata Group to invest $35 Billion in next 3 years (BS)

How to make the most of the extra 50K Deduction in 80C (ET)

Penalty on late filing of Income Tax Return (SimpleTaxIndia)

Mutual Funds and their service (Subramoney)

Have a plan for market correction (IrrelevantInvestor)

3 Critical Correction Warnings (DailyReckoning)

The threat of rising rates (Bloomberg)

All things Charlie Munger (ValueWalk)

Linkfest:July 29,2014

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Taxman trains focus on big spenders in 8 cities (BL)

Is MCX over Jignesh Shah yet? (Mint)

JSW Steel wants to pay promoter’s wife for brand promotion (BS)

Why India may have to wait longer for rate cut (FirstBiz)

Acche Din for Reliance Power investors? (FE)

Facebook’s India problem:100M users,only 0.1% revenue (ET)

Concerns about Individual Investors in Indian Equity Derivatives Market (AjayShah)

10 Things Americans have suddenly stopped buying (Time)

Life Expectancy and Longevity Risk (CommonSense)

Yukos owners win $50 Billion in fight against Russia (Bloomberg)

India in the World Wars-How we fought and why (TOI)