Linkfest:October 06,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How the Fed saved the economy (Ben Bernanke)

Don’t get too excited about the reversal (TRB)

All black money is in real estate and equities (Firstpost)

Only heavy discounts could lure realty buyers this Diwali (FE)

Stock review:IDFC Bank (BS)

Falling iron ore prices signal tough times for NMDC (Mint)

Ola:Taking India on a ride (Forbes India)

IRDA’s attempt to clean up bank insurance sales (VRO)

Negative interest rates wreak havoc on finance textbooks (Prof Varma)

The European startup market (A VC)

Linkfest: October 05,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Suzlon’s rise from the ashes (Forbes)

Careless attitude by IDFC (Bala)

Equity:Fill it,shut it,forget about it (Vivek)

Stock Review:Wonderla Holidays (OB)

Health SIP (Muthu)

Bucket theory of retirement management (Subramoney)

How the superwealthy make sure their kids stay super wealthy (Bloomberg)

PuttingĀ  a price tag on the Volkswagen scandal (Aswath Damodaran)

Should we consider gold? (Sharepereturns)

Using “normal” drawdowns as a timing signal (Econompic)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 2 October,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Old Money’s 7 Essential Ways to stay rich (Bloomberg)

The Chennai born scientist who exposed Volkswagen (Outlook)

The narrow exit road for India’s billion $ startups (Haresh Chawla)

The pink revolution (Wire)

Demolishing the Aurangzeb Apologists Cabal (Op India)

How to have 106 Babies (GQ)

Vegas on the Black Sea (R&K)

The IKEA attack (WP)

Nike-Adidas Sneaker Wars (GQ)

Surviving an earthquake on Mt.Everest (QZ)

Ownership Report:Audi A6 (Team BHP)

Putin’s crooked road to Damascus (Project Syndicate)

Startup: GrabOnRent (YS)

23 Best Beaches of India (BuzzFeed)

What old age is really like? (New Yorker)

Linkfest:October 01,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

India’s largest real estate commercial deal closes (Mint)

Only 3,000 Crores of black money has been declared (BS)

eCommerce firm execs make beeline to cash ESOPs (ET)

How broking firms are remodelling their business (OB)

Why is Bharti Infratel’s share price falling? (Nomura Research)

The top 5 best small savings schemes in India (MyInvestmentIdeas)

Trade Secrets from 2 investing legends (DR)

Are you ready for the next bear market? (TRB)

The perils of forcing a sale of illiquid assets (DealBook)

Simple and effective thoughts by George Soros (Big Investor)

Linkfest:September 30,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

RBI surprises markets (Mint)

Two buy signals (Short Side of Long)

Domestic commodity shares melt on Glencore rout (BS)

Stock Review:Tata Motors (Seeking Alpha)

Wealth Destruction by ITC,L&T (Bala)

A business that charges 10% interest daily (Subramoney)

Why does Wall Street want higher interest rates? (Bloomberg)

10 Things I love about Twitter (Common Sense)

Why public and private market valuations are completely different (Mahesh)

Combining volatility,momentum and trend in asset allocation (Alpha Architect)