Linkfest : 22 January, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

Govt approves 100% FDI in Bharti Airtel ( ET)

Why India faces a public funding crisis ( Mint)

NSE is the world’s largest derivatives exchange ( FE)

China faces negative economic impact from Wuhan virus ( SCMP )

Financial crisis in Tea sector deepens ( BS)

LIC’s NPAs double to 30,000 Cr ( BT)

Why Air India keeps losing money ( Anurag Singh )

Interview with Sanjiv Bajaj ( BQ)

The Vodafone valuation controversy ( MF Critic )

3 reasons why Ray Dalio is betting on gold ( CCN )

Linkfest : 21 January, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

IMF cuts India’s growth estimates further ( BL)

Reality check for Kotak Bank Stock ( Mint )

Indian law to protect Foreign Investors (ET)

Massive fraud by Jewelers during demonetization ( FE )

India’s garment exports may crash ( FE)

How Tata Motors emerged as India’s safest auto manufacturer ( Forbes )

Whistle Blower accuses Times Group of not paying taxes on 28,000 Cr ( Pgurus)

Why we try to beat the market ( Humble Dollar )

Why I love tracking our expenses ( Retire By 40)

Lets be careful out there ( Macro Tourist )

Linkfest: 20 January, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Vodafone Idea’s troubles cast shadow on MF schemes (BS)

Commerce Ministry is going after your booze (Mint)

Trader Profile: Jai Bala (MC)

Tax blow for Indian arms of MNCs (ET)

How Bira 91 became a rural play (Forbes)

Amazon wants to turn your hand into a credit card (CNBC)

The Art of Holding On (Phil Fisher)

Rich people live longer and healthier (NYTimes)

The 300 secrets to high stock market returns (Chicago Booth)

Secret Diary of P C Musthafa (OB)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 17 January, 2020

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

A story about a Hindu Bengali refugee (Arunudoy)

Hindutva is Hinduism that resists (DNA)

Why foes of BJP may be right this time (Manu Joseph)

The Big Scandal of Indology (Subhash Kak)

Your life is driven by Network Effects (James Currier)

How fitness app Stava became a religion (Guardian)

The empty seat on a crowded Japanese train (Japan Times)

The Middle Eastern problem Soleimani figured out (Hassan Hassan)

What does Mohammed Bin Zayed want? (NY Times)

Confessions of Tipu Sultan (My India)

Ayub the first (Dawn)

Conversation with Mohammed Hanif (SCMP)

The Commissioner who left Bombay bankrupt (Mid Day)

19th Century American Slave Sale & Auction Ads (Mind Circle)

The Indian Food Thali (Vandana Jayrajan)

Linkfest : 17 January, 2020

Some stuff I am reading today morning :

Supreme Court rejects AGR review plea ( BS)

Jio becomes largest telecom player of India ( MC )

CBI files criminal case against Adani Enterprises ( Mint)

Stock Talk : GE Shipping ( ET)

Interview with Sameeksha Capital’s Bhavin Shah ( You Tube)

The unusual persistency of the S&P 500 rally ( QE)

Stock Ownership in the USA ( Barry )

Big Tech is worth over $ 5 Trillion ( CNBC)

The real key to making money in stocks ( Crossing Wall Street)

Nobody makes money like Apollo’s Leon Black ( Bloomberg )