Weekend Mega Linkfest: Oct 21, 2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Awesome Video of the Future: The Self-Driving Car (Tesla)

Freddie Mercury-The rockstar from Panchgani (Scroll)

Ramanujan:Encounter with the Infinite (Believer)

A Karnataka Billionaire’s wedding invite (NewsMinute)

A theory of Polytheism (IndiaFacts)

A Tattoo for the King (Atlantic)

What happened on Eastern Airlines Flight 980 (OutsideOnline)

Surviving the fall of Mosul (National Geographic)

Greenland is Melting (New Yorker)

Road Tripping through the African Savannah (TeamBHP)

A startup for Indian dentists (YS)

Has Samsung been fired? (Charles)

Nation is with Arnab Goswami (Anupam Kher)

How Kejriwal is wooing journalists (Gossip Guru)

The Delhi lawyer who filed a 125 Cr IT return (Quint)

Linkfest: October 21,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

3.2 Million Debit Cards compromised (ET)

These charts explain how GST affects you (BS)

Retail Boom is Back (Outlook)

How a SEBI crackdown led to declaration of 5000 Crores illegal income (Mint)

Standard Chartered moving past India woes (Bloomberg)

Renault is giving Maruti tough competition (OB)

The Maturation of an Investor (MicroCap Club)

Here’s why technical analysis gets a bad rap (II)

Private Equity has an alpha problem (Dealbreaker)

The numbers don’t add up in real estate (Vivek Kaul)

Linkfest : October 20, 2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Medical emergencies & your money (Bala)

Living on the Edge (Prem Watsa)

The $ 45 Billion Property-backed bad loan mess (Quint)

Starting trouble for payment banks (Mint)

How to make VC-type returns in stock market (Shankar Sharma)

Wrong investment questions (Subramoney)

Research Report:Healthcare (Motilal Oswal)

MRP-Micro Retaile’s Poison Pill (Damodar)

The long run is just a collection of short runs (CF)

How a GS trader made $100 Million in less than 6 months (ZH)


Linkfest: October 19,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Endurance Technologies to list today (MoneyControl)

Indian conglomerates are being cut to size (Jaggi)

Who cried for travel agents? (Mint)

India’s puzzling gender gap (Bloomberg)

Stock Talk: Kitex Garments (RJ)

Company Profile: Hero Cycles (Forbes)

All about Post Office Recurring Deposit Schemes (BasuNivesh)

How to stay the course to Financial Independence (RetireBy40)

Get rich predicting the future in real estate (FS)

What is the best “risk off” asset for trend followers (AA)

Linkfest: October 18,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

When flagship funds falter (MFCritic)

Russia-India mega deal is shaking the oil market (Bloomberg)

How Essar deal will benefit ICICI Bank (Money Control)

Investors to RCom: Get Real (Mint)

Interview with Mukesh Ambani (FE)

The fall and rise of a Japanese Stock Picker (Bloomberg)

Mutual Funds are fooling some people all the time (Prashanth)

Is Bill Ackman toast? (Vanity Fair)

The most overlooked trait of investing success (CF)

Thoughts on Selling (A VC)