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Weekend Mega Linkfest:17 April,2014

Some off beat reads for the long weekend :

Mrs.Vadra is in trouble and she knows it (NitiCentral)

The agony of being M Kurananidhi (Open)

Pakistan considers life next to a Modi led India (Outlook)

The hard won victories of Mamata Bannerjee (Caravan)

Reliance Life’s murky business practices (MoneyLife)

The spectacular failure of the company that was going to change the world (FastCompany)

The problem with profit less startups (NYMag)

Why Viral Fever is the funniest comedy channel in India (MumbaiBoss)

A Desi living in Germany (TeamBHP)

Death of democracy in Gurgaon (Kafila)

How to raise money (PaulGraham)

Putin’s new kind of war (Slate)

How did Yahoo’s fired COO get $58 Million?Good Timing (BusinessWeek)

The Man behind Dam Dam Mast Qalandar (Dawn)

Analysis of Modi’s Aap Ki Adalat interview (Newslaundry)

Linkfest: 17 April,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Inside story of Vijay Mallya’s fall (FirstBiz)

The “Stock Picker’s Market” fallacy (PensionPartners)

TCS to hire 55,000 employees this fiscal (ET)

Why the Congress campaign is doomed (Mint)

Avoid gold investment schemes (BS)

Mukesh Ambani readies for data war (Bloomberg)

Saving Bhartiyata (MediaCrooks)

Its hard for Ukraine to fight when it is broke (Quartz)

Three powerful ways to stop wasting time (Forbes)

11 Startup lessons that keep me awake at night (BI)

Linkfest:April 16,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

United Spirits shareholders have the last laugh (Mint)

Is Ajay Piramal the Warren Buffett of India? (BS)

Software is eating investment management (AbnormalReturns)

Can your money losing behavior be cured? (MarketWatch)

A short history of infantilising Rahul Gandhi (Firstpost)

On the road to riches and diamond rings (TRB)

2 Important words for  a Retirement Business (DailyReckoning)

10 Reasons why Alibaba blows away Amazon and e-Bay (Forbes)

IPL:Drowned out by the hype machine (CricInfo)

How intraday stock tips ruined my client (BasuNivesh)

Linkfest:April 15,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Real estate prices in Mumbai are under pressure (Subramoney)

Where do Narendra Modi,Rahul Gandhi invest (FE)

How an IIT grad built a 14 Crore Venture (ET)

How good is NSE’s trading limit rule (Mint)

8 quick steps to get your financial life in order (FirstBiz)

Most investors have no idea what they are doing (Marketwatch)

Burn down the mission (MediaCrooks)

7 reasons to consider dividend paying stocks for retirement (MarketWatch)

Why does the cycle of fear and greed persist? (CommonSense)

A shocking startup strategy noone knows about (DailyReckoning)

Linkfest:14 Apri,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Little known companies ride the market rally (ET)

Modified rally in Adani stocks not backed by fundamentals (BS)

Shares of Gujarat based companies soaring like crazy (FirstBiz)

How to deal with the uncertainty of trading (TraderFeed)

Don’t get dazzled by glittering growth (WSJ)

Is this the beginning of a crash? (TRB)

Is Arnab leaving Times Now? (GossipGuru)

Why 2002 will haunt Rajdeep and Barkha (Mediacrooks)

The Art of the Insult (BigPicture)

East India Company-The world’s first too big to fail firm (Climateer)