Weekend Mega Linkfest: January 20,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Punjab looks to kick out the Badals (Caravan)

The world according to The Donald (Brahma)

Tiger Parents,beware ! (Economist)

The heroism of incremental care (Dr.Atul Gawande)

How demonetisation affected the Hawala trade (Swarajya)

A CEO Dilemma (Alok Kejriwal)

Why people in UP vote along caste lines (Scroll)

Religious Zealots throttle Kashmiri women (Wire)

Thailand’s “Banana Pancake” Trail (BootsNail)

Every successful relationship is successful for exact same reasons (Qz)

How to be a genius (James Altucher)

First World Yoga Names in Bollywood (Mint)

Gossip: Modi’s Basic Income Scheme (Gossip Guru)

Fascinating History of Rasgulla (BI)

How the 6th Punjab Battalion saved Poonch (Hindu)

Linkfest: January 20,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Yield hungry HNIs,VHNIs turn to stock market (ET)

Axis Bank’s miscalculations (Mint)

Aadhar Pay to get launched by month end (BS)

Mallya in deep trouble (Forbes)

Death of an Equity Analyst (Bloomberg)

EU faces disintegration (George Soros)

Interview with Charley Ellis (Waiter’s Pad)

Thoughts on Compounding (Irrelevant Investor)

Income Tax on 5 Types of Gold Investments (Simple Tax)

Silk Road may see flood of Chinese goods in Pakistan (Bloomberg)

Linkfest: January 19,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Next 15 days to see flurry of IT notices (ET)

Why I won’t invest in CPSE ETF (RamaKrishna)

Has Amazon over-estimated size of India’s market? (Mint)

Sajjan Jindal to make electric vehicles (Bloomberg)

Stock Talk: Linc Pen (RJ)

When Trump Tweets,Wall Street trades instantly (LA Times)

The Illusions driving up US asset prices (Shiller)

The single greatest mistake investors make (Felder)

The Humility Factor (FMD Capital)

When is it OK to spend up? (Financial Samurai)

Linkfest: January 18,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Tax Breather for foreign investors (BS)

Cash burn crisis at Snapdeal (FE)

MCX remains a risky bet (Mint)

FM may hike service tax (Money Control)

Cyrus Mistry takes on N Chandra (ET)

Indian IT braces for long winter (Quint)

How Didi’s efforts to block GST failed (Jaggi)

50 Investing Phrases to run from  (TRB)

Pundits,facts and the future (Barry)

What we will be talking about this time next year (Jeff Gundlach)

Linkfest: January 17,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Stage set for GST rollout on 1 July (Mint)

NSE needs deep cleaning (MoneyLife)

8 unknown stocks that can give huge returns (ET)

India’s crazy tax on foreign funds (Andy)

Interview with Mohnish Pabrai (Forbes)

Return of Investment (Bala)

Quality Anomaly in the real world (NYTimes)

Strong opinions,weakly held (Barry)

The worrying US Border Tax (FT)

China may soon shock the market (DR)