Linkfest: March 30,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Spectrum Auctions:The cost of consolidation is high (Mint)

Catholic Syrian Bank to file for IPO in April (Reuters)

NBFCs want to offer 0% EMIs online (Capital Mind)

Peak Gold? Goldman Sachs calculates only 20 years of supply is left (ZeroHedge)

Edelweiss Research Report: ITC (MyIris)

Howard Marks on Liquidity (OakTree)

Dealing with trading setbacks (Adam Grimes)

Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy (Insecurity Analyst)

Going to a top business school will cost you 99,000 $ per year (Bloomberg)

The man who ranks the world’s best whiskies (BS)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: March 27,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Not such an English game anymore (ESPN)

How Ameera Shah powered the rise of Metropolis Healthcare (Forbes)

Re-examining the Vajpayee legacy (SwarajyaMag)

Yemen and beyond (Al Jazeera)

The real Singapore model (Project Syndicate)

A place called Bhatkal (Open)

Moscow:Opulent,overwhelming and pulsing with power (NG)

Sri Lanka: The two faces of paradise (Afar)

Facebook Wall:Team India bows out of World Cup (Unreal Times)

Travelogue: Solo drive to the North East-all 7 sisters (Team BHP)

The World’s most dangerous trail (Smithsonian)

The refreshing bare beauty of Tel Aviv (NYMag)

Bill Ackman’s fight against Herbalife (Vanity Fair)

How the mixed population of Cape Town saw SA lose (Caravan)

The Anti-Modi Christian Agenda-Part 2 (Media Crooks)

Linkfest: March 27,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

New rules for startup listing (ET)

The dollar consensus (Akash Prakash)

Nomura Research:NTPC (MyIris)

Is DCB Bank a potential 100 bagger ? (RJ)

The worst sector for investors (Calm Investor)

Someone is always outperforming your portfolio (PragCap)

Warren Buffett quadrupled his ketchup investment (Bloomberg)

How to combine value and momentum investing strategies (Alpha Architect)

PPF Calculator (Apna Plan)

Do IPOs make sense for retail investors? (Mint)

Linkfest: March 26,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

The day trader’s guide to Cricket World Cup (Mint)

Earnings shocker likely for markets (BS)

Reliance Entertainment: Dreams,drama,downfall (Outlook Business)

India raises record $ 18 Billion from Spectrum Auctions (Bloomberg)

ICICI Securities Research: Bank of Baroda (MyIris)

The rising $ is creating a $ 9 Trillion problem (FirstBiz)

An investment strategy for current times (Bala)

Personal Finance Self Evaluation Checklist (FreeFinCal)

Why is everything cheaper in India? (Daily Reckoning)

A bond bubble is different from a stock bubble (PragCap)

Linkfest: March 25,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

CLSA:FII’s interest in Indian equities is peaking (ET)

The quest for growth (Andy Mukherjee)

10.8% Muthoot Finance NCD (OneMint)

What is being rich? (Subramoney)

How to invest in high quality small cap stocks (MarketWatch)

Investing in High Dividend Yield Stocks: A Sucker’s bet? (Alpha Architect)

Main Street gets Startup Bubble exposure (TRB)

Yellen isn’t yellin anymore (Nihon Cassandra)

China wants to buy Europe (Bloomberg)

Soros says Greece is now lose-lose game (Bloomberg)