Linkfest:March 02,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Interpretation of BJP’s 2015 Budget (Ajay Shah)

Service Tax blow for coal,spectrum bidders (BS)

Payment of TDS on property (BeMoneyAware)

Warren Buffett’s latest letter to shareholders (Berkshire Hathaway)

Did Warren Buffett move the goalposts in his latest letter? (Alpha Architect)

A dozen things taught by Warren Buffett in his new letter (25IQ)

Ajit Jain could be the successor to Warren Buffett (Jeff)

Avoid the loser’s game (Swedroe)

Private Equity’s Private Math (Creator)

Mother Teresa politics (Media Crooks)

Weekend Mega Linkfest:27 February,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Leaked:Internal emails of Essar Group (Outlook)

A 500 year old dispute threatens Modi’s plan to remake India (Bloomberg)

How the corridors of power work in Delhi (MoneyLife)

44 ways to make more money (Forbes)

Story of Bilcare-Market Cap of 3,000 Crores to 125 Crores (Outlook Business)

Vitamin B.S. (Atlantic)

Something is rotten in the Indian Navy (Open)

I know where that Malaysian Airlines plane is (NYMag)

Facebook Wall:People react to Prabhu’s Railway Budget (UnrealTimes)

Movie Review : Roy (Vigil Idiot)

Auto Review:Toyota Fortuner 4*4 Automatic (Team BHP)

Story of a young Indian (Rodinhoods)

The Al Thani Indian Maharaja Jewellery Collection (Forbes India)

6 popular phases that could wreak havoc on your finances (Forbes)

Where can you find the world’s best beer? (Trafalgar)

Linkfest: February 27,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Prabhu’s big spending push ends investment drought (Jaggi)

This Railway budget means a truckload of government (Capital Mind)

Watch Arun Jaitley’s masterly explanation of Land Acquisition Bill (YouTube)

Manage your budget expectations (Akash Prakash)

Market Implications of AAP’s win (Saurabh Mukerjea)

Top Stock Picks for Budget 2015 by Kotak (RJ)

Motilal Oswal Research Report:Tech Mahindra (MyIris)

22 Hidden charges in savings bank account (ApnaPlan)

The blind forecaster (Fool)

Warren Buffett’s secret to staying young (Fortune)

Linkfest: February 26,2015

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

SEBI wants you to make money in IPOs (ET)

IPO market set to come alive in March (BS)

Motilal Oswal Research Report: Jubilant Foods (Iris)

Long Term thinking as a contrarian approach (CommonSense)

Kid’s pocket money-How to do it right (Slate)

Research:The Winner’s Curse for Investors (SSRN)

Yes, the world is out to get active managers (Bloomberg)

The biggest threat to your portfolio (TRB)

The best investing blogs of 2015 (College Investor)

The story of a Wall Street porn star (XoJane)

Linkfest: February 25,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Budget and its implications for markets (Prashant)

Indian markets riding for a fall unless budget delivers (Reuters)

Mr.Modi’s credibility test (Andy Mukherjee)

Market message in stocks trading below QIP price (BS)

Sudhir Valia grabs a chunk of Greenply (RJ)

Debunking the myth of Private Equity (Swedroe)

Gold is the worst investment in history (Daily Finance)

Tech Investors create a Billion $ Baby Boom (NYTimes)

Best Stock Pickers say easy money has made their job harder (Bloomberg)

Rahul Gandhi and the Art of Vacationing (BS)