Linkfest: 19 April, 2018

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Former Delhi chief blames Delhi politicians for PSB mess (ET)

ICICI Bank Chairman meets MF Heads (BS)

How investors can manage 2019 election risk (Quint)

How Domino’s Pizza drove a 90x increase in stock price (Product Habits)

Stock Analysis: IEX (Sana Securities)

The investing style of Marty Whitman (Morningstar)

The importance of forecasting misery (Financial Samurai)

Why the hell didn’t I listen to Charlie Munger? (The Charlieton)

From penniless immigrant to multi-billionaire (Forbes)

Jeff Bezos’ latest letter to shareholders (SEC)

Linkfest: 18 April, 2018

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

ATMs run dry (Mint)

M&M, Titan soar on the bourses (BL)

Now Fosun bids for Fortis (Reuters)

Stock Talk: Nestle India (ET)

Stock Analysis: Cupid Ltd (Dr. Vijay Malik)

On Independent Directors (Bala)

The strange investment choices of ICICI Pru MF (Vinit Conrado)

In the Land of the Lost ( Of $ and Data)

No better signal than the yield curve (Macro Tourist)

Tips for fight or flight investing (James Altucher)

Linkfest: 17 April,2018

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Kotak beats SBI to become India’s 2nd most valuable bank (Mint)

Why is the monsoon so important (BS)

Sholay,Satyam and Fortis Healthcare (IIAS Advisory)

Interview with Soumya Malani (Morningstar)

Stock Talk: Netflix (Aswath Damodaran)

What’s behind India’s widening trade deficit? (Quint)

How to think about unsustainable returns (Pension Partners)

Some things I’m pretty sure about (Morgan Housel)

On Unit Economics (Sam Altman)

Startup Investing: On Time and Money (A VC)

Linkfest: 16 April, 2018

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Putin warns of ‘chaos’ (CNBC)

Brace for costliest Akshaya Tritiya ever (ET)

Infosys’ whistle blower is back (BS)

The relentless pursuit of Fortis Hospitals (Mint)

How Govt’s riders are keeping Air India’s bidders away (FE)

I-T probe into Deepak Kochhar’s firm indicates round tripping (Rediff)

Some common misconceptions of momentum strategies (Dual Momentum)

Life is uncertain- plan accordingly (Subramoney)

The new name plates at India’s toniest localities (Forbes)

Tariff wars: China is no Japan (SCMP)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 13 April, 2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Israel & Iran headed for war in Syria (Atlantic)

The demise of the nation state (Rana Dasgupta)

Target : Journalist (Intercept)

How Netherlands feeds the world (NatGeo)

Hindutva politics in Dakshsina Kannada (Open)

The murder that shook Iceland (Guardian)

Rohingyas Vs Bangladeshis (Caravan)

Did drinking give me breast cancer? (Mother Jones)

A new face of Piyush Goyal (Gossip Guru)

Lalu’s chickens (Media Crooks)

7 lesser known facts about Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar (HP)

Calcutta Food Trail (Nat Geo)

4 Types of Momsplains (Arre)

On wasting time in Clubs (J Mathrubootham)

Road Trip: AP & Telangana (TeamBHP)