Weekend Mega Linkfest:July 31,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

An open letter by a cop to those opposing death penalty to Yakub (Op)

Shaming of the British Empire (Open)

The last resort for an Indian Cancer patient (Scroll)

Is this India’s worst real estate nightmare? (Mint)

Making money off the lazy economy (FF)

The singular mind of Terry Tao (NYTimes)

Bobby Jindal and the trouble with Louisiana (New Yorker)

Why Cecil was such an important lion (Slate)

A Pakistani teen made $200,000 in a month as a professional gamer (Bloomberg)

Why do mosquitoes bite some people more than others (Smithsonian)

Why Mullah Omar’s death could be a nightmare for Afghanistan (Atlantic)

The worst thing you can do in a job interview (Forbes)

BJP and Modi’s horoscopes (Gossip Guru)

Auto Review:Maruti S-Cross (TeamBHP)

How to get the best finance deal while buying a car (TeamBHP)

Linkfest: July 31,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How Vishal Sikka has put his stamp on Infosys (Mint)

Will the real Indian inflation rate please stand up? (Bloomberg)

SEBI probing UBS on round tripping (BS)

Lessons from 50% fall in home sales in Delhi (Firstpost)

Worst investment/retirement mistakes (Subramoney)

Castex Technologies goes from 40 to 360.Then… (Capital Mind)

ICICI Research Report:Dabur (MyIris)

Anxious investors (A VC)

Momentum is price breakout (Price Action)

Actually gold rises after FED rate hikes begin (TRB)

Linkfest: July 30,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Would you make a donation to help a poor real estate developer? (VRO)

How much do I need to retire early in India? (Freefincal)

Scary retirement statistics (Subramoney)

Tax implications of bonus shares, stock splits (Calculated Wagers)

Nomura Research Report:Union Bank (MyIris)

The multi-faceted Ramesh Damani (ET)

Pick a valid strategy.Stick with it (Aleph Blog)

Behavioral finance trumped (Swedroe)

Gold is only going to get worse (Bloomberg)

Communication lessons for the RBI governor (Mint)

Linkfest:July 29,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How algorithmic traders are changing Indian equity markets (Ajay Shah)

The naked truth about PSU banks (Mint)

The farewell talk with Kenneth Andrade (VRO)

IPO possible for HDFC Standard Life (FE)

IPO Review:Syngene International (One Mint)

IPO Review:Mangalam Seeds (MyInvestment Ideas)

ICICI Research Report:Concor (MyIris)

Current property prices in Pune (Ravi)

What I learned talking to stock market investors in China (MW)

Stop anthropomorphizing markets (Big Picture)

Linkfest:July 28,2015

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Market crashes (Mint)

Why are rich Indians fleeing the country? (Firstpost)

Is M&M India’s version of Berkshire Hathaway? (Beyond Proxy)

HDFC Sec Research Report: Asian Paints (MyIris)

Should you opt for a direct plan for Mutual Funds? (Morningstar)

Gold is doing well compared to other commodities (Macro Man)

One way to beat the market-be different (Alpha Architect)

A dozen things I’ve learned from Paul Tudor Jones about investing (25IQ)

Mumbai is overflowing with garbage (Bloomberg)

Obituary:APJ Abdul Kalam (NYTimes)