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Weekend MegaLinkfest:August 30,2014

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The evolution of Ganesha to one of India’s most popular Gods (Open)

Do not buy oceanfront property (Slate)

The fall of Varun Gandhi (Outlook)

A reluctant beach bum’s guide to Maldives (TeamBHP)

Toppling the tipple in Kerala (Newslaundry)

The monk who runs a business (ForbesIndia)

Obituary:Simin Behbahani, the Lioness of Iran (Economist)

Photos:The world’s biggest food fight  (Smithsonian)

Ransomware:Your money or your files (BusinessWeek)

Russia’s slow motion invasion of Ukraine (Atlantic)

Employees who work from home are more productive than office dwellers (Forbes)

Buffett followed this one rule in Burger King deal (MarketWatch)

Spoof:If Ravi Shastri were to direct Batman (UnrealTimes)

Ice Bucket Challenge in Bollywood movies (GreatBong)

Branding Guyana (Nowhere)

Linkfest:August 29,2014

Wishing all readers a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi !

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Modi Effect: 1.5 Crore Bank Accounts opened in 1 Day (BS)

Supermax scion cheats family out of $800 Million empire (Mumbai Mirror)

India may face blackouts over coal shortage (ET)

Infosys:No news is good news (Mint)

Around 1 Billion $ of ULIPs lie unclaimed (FE)

The stock market bubble is making a hissing sound (BI)

Dividend paying stocks are no substitute for bonds (PragCap)

How to get free airfare (DailyReckoning)

Finance is a strange industry (Fool)

The fall of Motorola (ChicagoMag)

Linkfest:August 28,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Nirmal Singh Bhangoo:Owner of 1.83 Lakh Acres of Land (ET)

Is foreign investor interest in India likely to wane? (Mint)

Supreme Court tells DLF to pay Rs.630 Crores fine (BS)

3 Reasons why IPOs are always bad investments (SafalNiveshak)

Post Office Monthly Investment Scheme:Who should invest? (MyInvestmentIdeas)

Return to Behemoth Stocks (Aleph)

Why seasonality is secondary (AThrasher)

Attention Fund Managers: Generalizing the Kelly Criteria (BeyondProxy)

How hedge funds are making money in 2014 (ZeroHedge)

Active Vs Passive is the wrong question (Morningstar)

Linkfest: August 27,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

What will be the impact of US Fed hike on Indian markets? (Mint)

BSE writes to SEBI on BSE’s unfair trade practices (ET)

Power stocks take a beating (BS)

Air India tickets available for only Rs.100 (FE)

The stock market is terribly misunderstood (Subramoney)

Snowman Logistics-IPO review (OneMint)

The challenge of managing investor expectations (TRB)

Why you never say never in the stock market (BCLund)

Playing the long investment game (Think Advisor)

Is your trading boring?It should be (AdamGrimes)

Linkfest:Aug 25,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Most IPO investors miss out on the party (BL)

Where money lives:India’s most affluent pin codes (ET)

The murky world of suitcase banking (Mint)

Mutual Funds get costlier (BS)

From magnetic pillows to a Rs.50,000 Crore empire (FirstBiz)

6 Large Cap “High Conviction” picks from CLSA (RJ)

Reading sector relative strength (AdamGrimes)

First half-hour return predicts the last half-hour return (AlphaArchitect)

What the top 5 most profitable investments have in common (DailyReckoning)

Time not timing is the key to investment success (WP)