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Linkfest:December 22,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

FIIs expected to rush back in early 2015 (ET)

Three profound transformations in rural India (Mint)

Marico:Back to basics (BS)

Nifty Valuation Analyzer (FreeFinCal)

Converting black money into white in the stock market (CapitalMind)

Gold survives against all odds (BL)

Strategies can beat the market,you can’t (Irrelevant Investor)

For investors,its a perfect time to go back to the basics (WP)

Hedge funds rip off investors (Swedroe)

The promise of smart beta (ReseachAffiliates)

Weekend Mega Linkfest:December 19,2014

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Chairman Rao (Caravan)

The enduring legacy of Rajinikanth (Open)

North Korea is not funny (Atlantic)

The world’s biggest car company wants to get rid of gasoline (BusinessWeek)

How Yahoo’s CEO lost her way (NYTimes)

All LinkedIn and nowhere to go (Baffler)

How to maintain your car in top shape (TeamBHP)

Pakistan after the Peshawar massacre (ProjectSyndicate)

Thanking Bangladesh (Shashi Tharoor)

Little known facts about partition (Sanskriti)

Raj Kapoor as innocent and masochist (Jai Arjun)

The devil made me do it (Great Bong)

Dr.Pathak for Bharat Ratna (GossipGuru)

Hedge funds had a good year in India (Qz)

Peshawar massacre:How our media made it about India (Newslaundry)

Linkfest:December 19,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Has RIL turned the corner? (ET)

Investing:The great Indian sale (FE)

India’s battle to become a single market (Bloomberg)

Mahabharat takes Indonesia by storm (BS)

More of the same in emerging markets (CommonSense)

The best thing for active managers?Passive investors (CIO)

Cuba’s Berlin Wall moment (DailyReckoning)

To save itself,Greece must exit the Euro (Telegraph)

How Barney Curley made a fortune at the horse races (Economist)

Buy anything with the word Cuba in it (Dealbreaker)

Linkfest:December 18,2014

Some stuff that I am reading today morning:

Spice Jet all but grounded (BS)

Cabinet clears GST (FE)

Cuba’s half century of isolation to end (Bloomberg)

Random thoughts on a volatile market day (Prashant)

Using average market level indicator (FreeFinCal)

China’s stock market goes boom (Fortune)

What investment success looks like to me (TRB)

Bond investors are skittish over emerging markets (Dealbook)

The first casualty of a bear market (TRB)

Oil as a weapon (Big Picture)

Linkfest:December 17,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

HNIs lose big in recent market correction (ET)

Rupee weakens to 13 month low (BS)

Howard Marks on lessons from Russian crisis,oil crash (ValueWalk)

A lesson in market crashes (CommonSense)

Don’t “invest” in stupid sh*t (TRB)

The great unraveling of the commodities super cycle (DailyReckoning)

Modi gets his Maggie Thatcher moment with coal unions (Bloomberg)

Sorry,Putin. Russia’s economy is doomed (WonkBlog)

What frugal innovators do (HBR)

Why 132 dead students may not change Pakistan’s terrorism policy (Bloomberg)