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Linkfest:September 18,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Competition is for losers (Peter Thiel)

L&T threatens to pull out of Hyderabad Metro rail project (Mint)

US Fed renews zero interest rate pledge (ET)

When not to quit your trading strategy (Prashant)

How IPOs have performed in the last one year (MyInvestmentIdeas)

7 Ways to avoid picking a bad financial advisor (ThinkAdvisor)

You can’t feed a family with GDP (NYTImes)

Russian Billionaire’s arrest is sending shock waves across Russia (BI)

Berkshire Hathaway:Wholesaler of Death? (Jeff Matthews)

One simple trick to living a happy, stress free life (Daily Reckoning)

The wrath of Warren Buffett (Fortune)

Linkfest: September 17,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

A tale of two stocks (Altais)

Why Raghuram Rajan may be right about a ‘crash’ (ET)

Narendra Modi hits out at detractors (FE)

After 12 years, diesel sales turns profitable (BS)

The curious case of Venus Remedies (Capital Mind)

Fresh investing can wait (Prashant)

Choosing debt mutual funds for the long term (FreeFinCal)

Be careful relying on historical market returns (PragCap)

The beginning of the end of the hedge fund gravy train (Abnormal Returns)

Eminent Follies (Media Crooks)


Linkfest: September 16,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Why you shouldn’t invest like your parents (ET)

WPI Inflation Vs The Repo Rate (Mint)

Buying a diesel car makes less economic sense now (FE)

Fund raising via QIPs reaches record highs (BS)

Why some anomalies seem to persist (Swedroe)

On the advantages of mechanical strategies (Systems Trader)

Carl Icahn drives a hard bargain at work and at home (Dealbreaker)

The one word every IPO investor needs to know (Daily Reckoning)

Where is the money?Perils of investing abroad (CBC)

Warren Buffett on learning from Ben Graham (ValueWalk)

Linkfest: September 15,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning

The curious case of the Citibank fraudster (Mint)

Whats next for India’s life insurers (Business Today)

Impact of social media on investing (Prashant)

This time it is different (Kiran)

Mall space in Pune goes abegging (FE)

HNIs,Indian funds eye Alibaba IPO (FirstBiz)

Fireside chat with Charlie Munger (Moneybeat)

How to preserve capital during a bear market (WealthOfCommonSense)

Carol Loomis:60 years in business journalism (CJR)

Hard money is not a mistake (Interfluidity)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: September 12,2014

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

UPA scams started within 70 days of MMS becoming PM (FirstPost)

Interview with former CAG Vinod Rai (Outlook)

The hunt for Yasin Bhatkal (Open)

Not fighting the ISIS could be worse than fighting it (Atlantic)

The rise and fall of the biggest pot dealer in NYC (NYTimes)

The murky side of Telugu films (Outlook)

Why the Scots want a disunited kingdom (Tehelka)

Jet Airways 180 Degree turn (Forbes India)

Poll position: Maharashtra (Caravan)

Travelogue: Turkey (TeamBHP)

Leaked table of contents of Rajdeep Sardesai’s new book (GreatBong)

Facebook Wall:Fallout of CAG Vinod Rai’s revelations (UnrealTimes)

On Naseeruddin Shah’s autobiography (JaiArjun)

Europe’s big airlines no longer want to fly in Europe (BusinessWeek)

What important things a 20 year old needs to know about money and finance? (Quora)