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Linkfest:October 22,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Paul Tudor Jones:The bubble will burst one day (Bloomberg)

Home buyers make errant builders behave properly (ET)

Govt wants FTIL to take over NSEL (BS)

PSUs find it tough to maintain capex (FE)

20 Best Diwali stock picks from brokerage firms (MyInvestmentIdeas)

A lesson in risk this Diwali (Subramoney)

Insider trading profits (Fortune)

Eating at restaurants is why you are fat (Fast Coexist)

Mark Cuban’s dozen rules for startups (BigPicture)

Bonfire of the HATO alliance (MediaCrooks)

Linkfest:October 21,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How Flipkart,Amazon and Snapdeal fund discounts (Mint)

All you wanted to know about Muhurat trading (BL)

Sugar mills face bitter reality during festive time (BS)

5 Lessons on Life & Investing from Guy Spier (Safal Niveshak)

Basant Maheshwari’s model portfolio of top quality stocks (RJ)

Behind private equity’s curtain (NYTimes)

Why stock investors get paid (TRB)

Don’t blame IBM.Blame Wall Street (Jeff Matthews)

Modi’s gas gambit faces hurdle of coddled Indian consumer (Bloomberg)

John Lennon knew the power of this startup secret (Forbes)

Linkfest: October 20,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Best time for Advisors to show performance reports to sell their services (Nooresh)

The most important chart in the world right now (Telegraph)

How Modi,Shah cracked the polls (ET)

Microfinance:To hell and back (Mint)

All NFOs are not bad for the portfolio (BS)

Buy Vs Rent:Do the math before booking a flat (FE)

Diversification Vs Concentration (Safir)

The two pronged approach to safe,consistent gains (Steve Forbes)

Case Study:Price & Value in a growth stock (AswathDamodaran)

What makes a great investor? (ProductHunt)

Linkfest:Oct 16, 2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Inspector Raj set to end (ET)

Indigo’s $26 Billion order is biggest for Airbus (FE)

DLF: Regulatory amiss? (Bala)

The importance of ignoring the noise of the market (NYTimes)

Sometimes you have to break up with the guy who manages your mutual fund (Guardian)

World’s richest man says three day work week is coming (Climateer)

8 unusual rules to help you become a better investor? (DailyReckoning)

US S&P 500 falls below 200 day average (TRB)

How technology is killing lame financial advice (Bloomberg)

Putin loses his best friend,expensive oil (Bloomberg)

Linkfest:October 15,2014

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

For DLF,SEBI order is a like a 9 richter earthquake (ET)

Management guru Ramcharan on the nature of Indian business (Mint)

Offline retail grapples with online creep (BS)

What a real estate broker says and what it means (Subramoney)

7 Diwali Stocks from ICICI Direct (RJ)

How to buy a term life insurance policy (FreeFinCal)

The fishy brokerage advice on Bodal Chemicals (Gaurav)

What breaking the 200 day average means for stocks (Mark Hulbert)

The big problem with seasonality (Adam Grimes)

Confessions of a financial services worker (PragCap)