Weekend Mega Linkfest: February 05,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

What are the things that only Indians can say? (Quora)

How I scammed Quikr and PayTM (Office Chai)

In the Naxalite “liberated” zone of Bastar (Wire)

Call of the Caliphate (M J Akbar)

The Lutyen’s Power Circle (Media Crooks)

Muslims must return Ayodhya,Kashi & Mathura to Hindus (Muhammed)

Why did two parents murder their adopted child? (Telegraph)

For French Jews,its better to be discreet than dead (BBC)

Homosexuality and Hinduism (OpIndia)

Ghulam Ali:The politics of Ghazal (Tufail Ahmad)

Travelogue:Into the abode of Shiva (TeamBHP)

How to use Google Password Manager (Labnol)

Startup Story: Treebo (YS)

Bollywood Gossip: Karishma Kapoor’s Divorce (FS)

The Raj’s photos of Indians (Quint)

Linkfest: 05 February,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Team Lease Services IPO subscribed over 66 times (Mint)

Stress Tests for Indian Banks (Akash Prakash)

Indian pharma API’s are not banned in US (CapitalMind)

Finance Ministry launches YouTube Channel (FE)

Company Review:Mankind Pharma (OB)

A model portfolio to survive 2016 (Forbes India)

Liquidity or profitability? (Subramoney)

Technology can’t trump India’s lunchtime traditions (Bloomberg)

Sell Hubris,Buy Humiliation (TRB)

China banks months away from ‘danger territory’ (CNBC)


Linkfest: February 04,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Interview with Raamdeo Agarwal (MoneyControl)

Over 21 years,Bonds have outperformed Equities (Forbes)

TCS rated world’s most powerful IT Services brand (FE)

Suzlon shares plunge (Mint)

Why is it hard for Pune builders to be honest? (Ravi)

Savings and investment (Prashanth)

Even God would get fired as an active investor (AA)

When diversification works (Common Sense)

Now is NOT the time to be complacent (Joe Fahmy)

Lessons in investing from Science (Psy-Fi)

Linkfest: February 03,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Modi Sarkar plans mother of all doleouts (ET)

Sixth Monetary Policy Statement 2015-16 (RBI)

IPO Review:Quick Heal (MyInvestmentIdeas)

Coal India,NALCO to buy back shares (Mint)

ITC shares remain undervalued (Morningstar)

Morgan Stanley Research:Sell SBI (MS)

Neelesh Surana on the markets (VRO)

PAN rule on gold buying backfires (FE)

10 Years of MGNREGA (BS)

Why are hedge funds hiring poker pros? (Alpha Pages)


Linkfest:February 02,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Budget 2016:Arun Jaitley could squeeze business (Reuters)

Govt to demand 2000 Crores from Banks in back taxes (Mint)

The hydel power mess in Arunachal Pradesh (Scroll)

Can Sun Pharma get its mojo back? (OB)

Morgan Stanley puts a target of Rs.115 on SBI (MoneyControl)

How Vijay Advani built Franklin Templeton in India (Forbes)

As goes Jan, so does the rest of the year (DR)

Apple CEO Tim Cook acts like he is insane (MarketWatch)

Failure:A Checklist (Motley Fool)

Oil Crash:Saudis feel the heat (Telegraph)