Weekend Mega Linkfest:September 04,2015

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

14 Companies that caught Ratan Tata’s eye (Quint)

Top lies spread by Indian media in August 2015 (OpIndia)

Let’s call Pakistan’s nuclear bluff (DailyO)

How Trump invented Trump (Bloomberg)

Why Naresh Goyal is smiling (Forbes)

Thai Commercials:Great at making people cry (Atlantic)

A refugee’s odyssey from Syria to Sweden (Guardian)

The fortune teller of Kabul (Guardian)

Travelogue:Chattisgarh Chronicles (TeamBHP)

13 untold truths about selling to schools in India (Rodinhoods)

Insurance startup Coverfox gets 14 M$ funding (YS)

Some tales of Muslim Conversion to Hindus (Wire)

Why you hate Google’s new logo (New Yorker)

Why drivers in China intentionally kill pedestrians they hit (Slate)

How to save on your car insurance premiums (TeamBHP)

Linkfest: September 04,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

3 Cheers for Dharmendra Pradhan,Oil Reforms Hero (Firstpost)

India rate cut becoming a question of when not if (Bloomberg)

RBI’s new rules will cause banks to take 20,000 Crore hit (BS)

B2C Definition can roil eCommerce firms (Mint)

MCX:Out of the Jignesh Shah shadow (Forbes)

Karvy Research:Nandan Denim (RJ)

8 Questions to ask before you buy a stock (VR)

3 Thumb Rules that work in retirement (Subramoney)

All about Senior Citizen’s Saving Scheme (ApnaPlan)

Mining Twitter for market signals (FT)

Linkfest:September 03, 2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Builders in trouble (FE)

Debt funds hit the reality of losses (VRO)

‘4G Challenge’ proves to be tough for Bharti Airtel (BS)

HDFC Research:Buy Sanghi Industries (MyIris)

List of highly indebted companies in the Indian stock market (Profitalyzer)

Most popular research paper suggests you be in cash (Bloomberg)

When stocks plunge (Motley Fool)

How market volatility affects our brains (Alpha Architect)

The lessons in a correction (Swedroe)

20% of Stanley Druckenmiller’s portfolio is now in gold (DR)

Linkfest: September 02,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

MAT relief for foreign investors (Mint)

Indian tyre makers no match for the Chinese (Onkar Kanwar)

Is Enam buy paying off for Axis Bank at last? (ET)

Interview with S Naren,CIO of ICICI Pru Mutual Fund (VRO)

Prabhat Diary IPO gets screwed (Moneycontrol)

Religare Research:Buy UltraTech Cement (MyIris)

Latest Bank FD rates for Sept 2015 (MyInvestmentIdeas)

Modi making progress on stalled projects (Bloomberg)

Why Fed will raise rates this year (Barry)

How much diversification is necessary? (Common Sense)

Linkfest: September 01,2015

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Why Dr.Shetty is taking Narayana Health public (ET)

Will GST make things costlier or cheaper? (Mint)

IndiaNivesh sells HSIL even as Daljeet keeps talking up the stock (RJ)

Nomura Research:Buy Jubilant Life Sciences (MyIris)

Consequences of missing your tax filing deadline (BS)

5 Trends that are shredding the global economy (DR)

Are you a “Ben Graham Defensive Investor”? (RA)

Computers are the new dumb money (TRB)

There are no “hacks” in the market (Crossing Wall Street)

When anti-Modi transforms itself into anti-India (Swapan)