Linkfest: July 27,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Forget Brexit,Quitaly is Europe’s new worry (Guardian)

The truth behind Central Govt. pay hikes (Vinod Rai)

Rs.25,300 Crore of NCDs coming soon (ET)

Tatas deposit $1.17 Billion to Delhi High Court (Mint)

How GST will impact various sectors (Forbes)

Stock Review: Khaitan Chemicals (Niteen Dharmawat)

Company Profile:AAditya Milk Ice Cream (OB)

The Narrative Fallacy (Prashanth)

How does this hedge fund manager make so much money? (Bloomberg)

How to spot a research market poised to skyrocket (Katusa)

Linkfest:July 26,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How Jet Airways was propelled by Dawood Ibrahim (Outlook)

How ITC got its act together (Mint)

How the Indian elite live in Uganda (BBC)

Indian railways is targeting a $127 Billion Upgrade by 2020 (Bloomberg)

Sanjiv Bajaj’s master class at MahScooters AGM (BL)

Infosys pays outgoing CFO 23 Crores to keep his mouth shut (Bala)

GMO’s mean reversion strategy is being tested (II)

Who was the richest person who ever lived? (Climateer)

Why women outperform men in investing (Investment News)

How to make the most of an investing conference (Tim)

Linkfest: July 25,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

How an Indian CEO stole a company (Ken)

India’s bad loan battle will outlast Rajan  (Bloomberg)

Aurobindo gets ready to play with the big boys (BS)

A view on Infotech stocks (Morningstar)

How chit funds work (Ant Investor)

Mutual Fund Manager Fables (Subramoney)

Gold’s $9.2 Trillion Tailwind (Bloomberg)

Blogging for basis points (BPS)

Deconstructing Peter Lynch (The PF Engineer)

Why writing makes me a better investor (FMD Capital)

Weekend Mega Linkfest:July 22,2016

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The culture shock of ‘Kabali’ opening (Quint)

The Narasimha Rao they don’t want you to know (Charles)

The real heroes and real villains of 1991 (Swarajya)

What’s going wrong with Prashant Kishor (Open)

Michelle Obama Carpool Karaoke (YouTube)

Is the Indian VC party over? (Newslaundry)

A terrifying journey in the world’s most dangerous jungle (OO)

The American who became a Chinese Movie Star (NYTimes)

The fake factory that pumped real money (Bloomberg)

Pics:Maruti’s Manesar Factory (Team BHP)

Why Guru Purnima is unique to Hinduism (DailyO)

Thindi Beedi:Bengaluru’s Food Street (BI)

How a park in South Korea saved local fishing (NatGeo)

How to get verified by Twitter (GQIndia)

21 Greatest Travel photographs of the year (Telegraph)

Linkfest: July 22,2016

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Sovereign Funds take a liking to Indian IPOs (ET)

10 new VCs who are bullish on India (Mint)

Vijay Mallya has already won his battle against banks (FP)

Godrej Agrovet IPO in the pipeline? (Bloomberg)

Stock Review:MPS (Big Investor)

Zomato:Serving the market (Forbes)

Here’s why I hate earnings season (DR)

Beware of Horizon Effects (AA)

Separating decisions (Irrelevant Investor)

Good Question,Great Question (Common Sense)