Linkfest: January 23,2017

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

BSE IPO to open today (BS)

IPO Analysis: BSE (SP Tulsian)

N Chandra and the transformative power of IT (Mint)

Ranbaxy founders misled court (ET)

Bank FD rates (MyInvestmentIdeas)

Case Study: KNR Constructions (Niteen Dharmawat)

Thoughts on Impact Investing (TRB)

What we can learn from the greatest investors of all time (Ruzbeh)

Wall Street Analysts give investors what they want (Bloomberg)

Think savvy business owners make savvy investors? (Globe Mail)

Top Clicks on Alpha Ideas This Week

Here are the most clicked on items this week on Alpha Ideas :

PayTM Founder’s Pep Talk (AI)

PMS Alchemy Capital’s 2016 Returns (AI)

Chart: HFC Comparison (AI)

A Chart for all Growth Stock Lovers (AI)

Chart: Top 10 Stock Markets in last 20 Years (AI)

It’s the PE, Stupid ! (AI)

Infographic: Indian Textile Market (AI)

China may soon shock the market (DR)

The curious case of Atlas Cycles (Nooresh)

Why I won’t invest in CPSE ETF (RamaKrishna)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: January 20,2017

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

Punjab looks to kick out the Badals (Caravan)

The world according to The Donald (Brahma)

Tiger Parents,beware ! (Economist)

The heroism of incremental care (Dr.Atul Gawande)

How demonetisation affected the Hawala trade (Swarajya)

A CEO Dilemma (Alok Kejriwal)

Why people in UP vote along caste lines (Scroll)

Religious Zealots throttle Kashmiri women (Wire)

Thailand’s “Banana Pancake” Trail (BootsNail)

Every successful relationship is successful for exact same reasons (Qz)

How to be a genius (James Altucher)

First World Yoga Names in Bollywood (Mint)

Gossip: Modi’s Basic Income Scheme (Gossip Guru)

Fascinating History of Rasgulla (BI)

How the 6th Punjab Battalion saved Poonch (Hindu)