Linkfest: 16 September, 2019

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

A fresh Oil crisis (Zero Hedge)

Key takeaways from FM ‘s third press conference (MC)

SEBI mulls whistle-blower mechanism for Auditors (ET)

Stress in the power sector (BS)

Invit or UnFit ? (OB)

Dry spell in IPO (BL)

Profile: Harsh Neotia (Rediff)

Index Fund: The Benchmark (Subramoney)

Letter to a friend who just made a lot of money (Graham Duncan)

Presentation at HT Finance Meet (Manish Bhandari)

Top Clicks on Alpha Ideas this Week

Here are the most clicked items on Alpha Ideas this week:

Financial Savings Tsunami ahead (AI)

Lasa Super Generics: Legally Only One (AI)

Suyog Gurbaxani: God save the Investors (AI)

The Robots are coming (AI)

70,000 Cr ticking time bomb (ET)

Misquita Engineering: Superb Client (AI)

Beware of the bear market rally (Prashanth)

Paytm for Dummies (Manoj Nagpal)

Life Lessons from Keshub Mahindra (Wharton)

Boom times for Mutual Funds (BS)

Weekend Mega Linkfest: 13 September, 2019

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The once & future Imran Khan (Aatish Taseer)

How the killers of IAF officers got away (Rahul Pandita)

Russia’s Grid Hackers (Wired)

What College Admissions Offices really want (NY Times)

West Bengal celebrates Ganpati (Gossip Guru)

Naidu Vs Jagan Reddy (Swarajya)

The next Dalai Lama (DailyO)

Ditched by the Ummah (Pervez Hoodbhoy)

How Turkish TV is taking over the world (Guardian)

Trump, Rouhani & Netanyahu (TOI)

How Snooker originated in Ooty (Madras Courier)

A great robbery that shook the Raj (LHI)

On Austria’s National Dish (BBC Travel)

The ‘Jutti’ goes mod (Sohini Dey)

Madurai Diary (Outlook)