Weekend Mega Linkfest: 13 July, 2018

Some off beat reads for the weekend:

The staggering rise of India’s super rich (James Crabtree)

How Tata Nano took middle class India for a ride (DailyO)

The untold story of Syria’s Antifa Platoon (Rolling Stone)

Attack on Skull Island (GQ)

The endless reign of Rupert Murdoch (Monthly)

Poles apart (Guardian)

Inhuman Resources (HP)

Inside X (Wired)

Booming snake business of China (SCMP)

Piyush Goyal’s silent victory (Gossip Guru)

Fighting Section 377, stupidly (Abhijit Iyer-Mitra)

The Progressive Arts Group (Madras Courier)

We are a country of fools (J Mathrubootham)

When are you giving the good news? (Ramjaane)

‘Find your passion’ is awful advice (Atlantic)

Portfolio of RAMS India Equities Portfolio Fund

This post is in continuation of my coat tailing series (see here)

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India Equities Portfolio Fund is a sub-fund of RAMS Equities Portfolio Fund, which is run by Reliance Asset Management.

It’s significant holdings as on 31 March,2018 as per Stock Exchanges is given below:

Company Name NSE Symbol Entity Value (In Crores)
Tejas Networks Ltd TEJASNET Rams Equities Portfolio Fund-India Equities Portfolio Fund 34.27

Linkfest: 13 July, 2018

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Nifty scales 11,000 (MC)

The damning NCLT order against Cyrus Mistry (NCLT)

Malaysia’s IHH wins Fortis bid (ET)

Reliance Industries Market Cap crosses $100 Billion (BT)

The coveted business of Star India (Mint)

Jewellers find new way to launder smuggled gold (BS)

CavinKare’s new growth strategy (Rediff)

The lifecycle of greed and fear (Morgan Housel)

The Catch 22 about raising too much money (BI)

Trophy Board Members (A VC)

Book Review: Big Mistakes-The Best Investors & Their Worst Mistakes

The Book ‘Big Mistakes-The Best Investors & Their Worst Mistakes’ is written by Michael Batnick who blogs at The Irrelevant Investor

As the Title suggests, the Book covers the investing mistakes of 16 Investors, including the author.

Some of the investors covered in the Book are Ben Graham, Warren Buffett,Charlie Munger, John Maynard Keynes, Chris Sacca,Stanley Druckenmiller etc

The author does a fantastic job of explaining the circumstances and rationale by which these super investors made their mistakes.

The Book contains lots of investing wisdom and is a terrific read.

Some great excerpts from the Book:

“You must react to losses with equanimity.The time to sell an investment is not after it has declined in price.If this is how you invest,you’re destined for a long life of disappointing returns.Learn from the best and do not attempt to avoid losses.It cannot be done.Instead,focus on making sure that you’re not putting yourself in a position of being a forced seller.”

“What stands out for me,as far as lessons I’ve learned in the market,is that if you have a liability coming due in the next few months or even few years. do not invest.The market doesn’t care about your goals.It doesn’t know that you’re retiring in five years or when your child is going to college.”

The last chapter is on the author’s own investment journey which I found to be brutally honest and illuminating.

The Book contains the lessons only from American investors…hope some enterprising reader writes one on the investment follies of our top Indian investors.

I would strongly recommend this book if you want to become a better investor.