Weekend Mega Linkfest:29 Dec, 2012

Some interesting off beat reads for the weekend :

Who’ll wear the shorts? (Outlook)

Orphans of the great Republic (Open)

Fallout of Sahara’s defiance (MoneyLife)

Madhu Trehan interviews William Dalrymple (NewsLaundry)

The rapes will go on (Tehelka)

Some thought provoking links on the Delhi rape case (JaiArjun)

The last superstar (BharadwajRangan)

How to handle a power window failure (TeamBHP)

Managing wealth the modest way (DhirendraKumar)

Forgotten benefactor of humanity (Atlantic)

Will Mukesh Ambani disrupt the telecom market again? (ForbesIndia)

Why Microsoft maybe a classic Value Trap (BusinessWeek)

Book Review:Through Eastern eyes (Caravan)

Movie Review: Django Unchained (NewYorker)

The never ending war (Economist)

The sharp, sudden decline of America’s middle class (RollingStone)

Interview with a Ginza hostess (Rumpus)

Spoof:Abhijit Mukherjee screams at a portrait of MonaLisa (UnrealTimes)

Love, Dad (LettersofNote)

Bollywood gossip of the week (RajeevMasand)

Linkfest:Dec 28, 2012

Some stuff I am reading today morning:

Five challenges for Cyrus Mistry (Mint)

As tax free bonds flop, PSU’s turn to private placements (FE)

Manmohan Shetty’s 1,650 Crore bet (BS)

Following the cash trail (ValueResearch)

Curating your financial life (AbnormalReturns)

What does January mean to you? (AllStarCharts)

2012 was good for stocks , bad for stock pundits (WSJ)

Is US economic growth over? (RobertGordon)

7 Retirement planning mythis debunked (Yahoo)

Top 10 YouTube videos of 2012 (USAToday)