Offbeat Weekend Reads:July 28, 2012

Some interesting off beat reading for the weekend:

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How not to invest in Myanmar (ForeignAffairs)

London Olympics:The most embarrassing opening ceremony? (Forbes)

How much does a US college education actually cost? (Atlantic)

Mumbai’s BEST buses (TeamBHP)

The mythical rise of Asian Americans (ProjectSyndicate)

Spoof:Manmohan Singh changes his name to Gandhi (UnrealTimes)

Karl Rove is back full time (BusinessWeek)

The dog that did not bark

Normally, any takeover news is a huge boost to a stock.

Today’s Mint had a cover story on Onmobile which said that there were multiple offers for Onmobile and the company was “in play”

Despite this positive news and the fact that today the markets were up by 1.13% today, Onmobile stock tanked by 1.5%.

A mystery for Sherlock Holmes to solve or another case of “sell on the news”?